Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Little Skiers

My hubby and I always agreed that we wanted to raise skiers in our family.  We didn't know if our kids would be boys or girls but it didn't matter.  We wanted them to grow up loving skiing as we had.  I have been skiing since moving to Colorado when I was 6 and have literally grown up driving up I-70 looking at the space ship house and that first fabulous view at the Buffalo lookout.  My parents put me in lessons for years.  Of course, they wanted me to learn but they wanted to ski too!  I remember taking the ski bus up in high school on Saturdays (when there wasn't a swim meet) and I also remember setting up my course work at CU so that I could ski Mondays and Fridays (and Saturdays and Sundays) during the winter.   I also remember resenting the fact that I had to work on Fridays in the corporate world after graduating and missing out on powder days.  So I started calling in sick to work.  Every Friday.  May explain why I got fired.  Oops.

But I digress.  The girls have been involved with Breckenridge Bombers for the last few years, it's a fantastic program (and I'm not being paid to say that!!) that pairs skiers with the same instructor for 6 Sundays during the winter.  Isabelle is in her 4th year of Bombers in Breckenridge this year and it is Charlotte's first year.  The coolest part is that they absolutely LOVE to ski! They can't wait to go up and visit friends in the mountains and get up and ski hard with them the next day.  Of course, the adults think it's pretty cool too.

Charlotte, Isabelle and Lauren gearing up for the day

Mommies having fun too!

Check out this video I took a couple of weekends ago.  These are my girls (and Lauren and Mia!).  They are like a posse.  Of girl skiers.  Boys beware.  These girls are going to chick you someday.

They have skied their first (and second) black runs and this weekend?  Yep, their instructor has decided they are ready for the T-Bar.  Huh?  T-Bar?  You know she's only 7 right?  But yep, they will be heading up....if I'm nearby I will take pictures.  That is a pretty important day in a girls life!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I met a woman in the tenmile lodge at Breck today who said she was from Castle Rock and had a six-year old boy in the bombers program. I wanted to ask her out (we were sharing a table at lunch)but was a little shy cuz she was there with her dad. Any chance you know who she is?