Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi, my name is Michelle.  I think I may have a shoe problem.....

I think I've known this for awhile.  Every where I look, I see running shoes (there are 12 pairs there.....I'm not sure if I found all of them).  My old trainers, my new trainers, my old racing flats, my current racers.  The shoes are taking over my closet and my garage not to mention the quantity is really annoying Michael.  But I like rotating my shoes between runs and I NEVER have a hard time deciding which ones to wear. Does this mean I have a shoe problem?  Is it wrong that I have speedlaces on my tool-around-town retired runners?

But all of these shoes have a story.  Usually fun stories.  The green zoots?  Those were my racers last season and I had some GREAT races with those, not to mention some memorable track practices.  The blue KSwis K'ona's?  Yep, wore those in Clearwater and the Denver Half.  Love 'em.  The green trail shoes?  I will always love those ones for the great trip down and up and down and up the Grand Canyon.  There are shoes I use in the gym (to be fair, they started as trainers but the quantity of blisters demoted them to gym shoes), brand new shoes I haven't even worn but they were $50 so who can turn a deal like that down?  The pink shoes that are just too big for me to wear (if anyone needs a cute pair of pink trail shoes size 8 low miles, let me know!)  The new all weather ones and of course, another pair of pink shoes.  There's a missing shoe in there too but I have no idea what happened to the match.  Funny thing is?  Or the real sign of a problem?  I have another pair of racers and trainers coming soon......and they are sure to be my new favorites!

Hi, my name is Michelle and I LOVE running shoes!!!


Wiecked said...

That poor divorced shoe. So sad. I am the same way, I can't bear to throw away shoes that have taken me to great places.

Carole Sharpless said...

OMG. This was sooooooooooooo funny!!!! :) :)


jessithompson said...

Funny post :)