Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow Day

The storm moved in yesterday and it was pretty clear last night that it would be a snow day today!

The beginning of the storm

The blizzard at night (even though it doesn't look like a blizzard in this picture)

And what we woke up to

Best way to start a snow day?  Oatmeal pancakes of course.  But don't tell the girls about the oatmeal part.....

What else did the Ford girls do on our snow day?

Mommy needed to ride on the trainer so the girls watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  And then they took over the camera.

Isabelle's self-portrait

Yes, that's sweat dripping off my nose with snow in the background.  Gotta love Colorado.

Charlotte rockin' out.

Oh, and try a new top-secret recipe for yummy treats

Building a snowman with the neighbors!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Professional Pacer

I have a big job this weekend.  It's no ordinary feat.  It is not like anything I have done before.  And it certainly isn't like anything that PIC is doing.  Yea, she's running 100 miles.  That's right, all in the same day/night.  But my job?  I have the honor of pacing her for 2 laps at night, which I happily signed up for.  Except now I realize that a lot is riding on my shoulders.  I am expected to do her hair if she wants me to.  Or, hold her hair while she's puking (thankfully she doesn't have long hair. Unfortunately, I am a sympathetic puker:  you puke, I puke. 'nuf said).  Maybe I should carry nail polish too.  What about Mad Libs for entertainment?  We will have video.  I can sing, but not very well.  That would probably make her laugh.  Riddles?  But the last one we had took us 2 weeks to figure out.  And I need stories!!  But since PIC is my main training partner, she already knows my stories!!  I'm going to have to dig through the corners of my mind to come up with some good ones.  I will carry treats (can't name them because I want her to be surprised) and water.  Bandaids too.  Maybe I will even carry her.  But I will NOT let her sit down.  Not on my watch.

Is anyone out there in blog-land a professional pacer?  Any tips/hints/ideas on how I can best get PIC through the 2 laps on my watch?  Can I earn my pro pacer card on this trip?  What are the in's and out's for a PP (pro pacer)?   I need entertainment help too.  Should I carry a portable DVD player?  We could watch Top Gun....or Twilight......All thoughts/comments/suggestions/ideas are appreciated.  Just leave me a little comment love:)

Better yet, leave Sonja a little comment love and send her good wishes all day (and night) Saturday in Moab!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Electronic Failure

Last week I had a hard run on the schedule.  A full 45 minutes of pain.  Of sustaining a heart rate that I know will hurt.  But I wanted to do it.  I was psyched up and ready, and PIC was doing the same thing too so I knew I had a rabbit to follow.  I thought I was ready.  Well, I was.  My electronics, however, were not.

I started my Garmin during the warm-up and noticed it thought I was inside.  Inside?  C'mon.....PIC's Garmin is working just fine!  (Enter expletives here)  I stopped it, reset it.  It still thinks I'm inside and over 100 miles from where I used it last.  (More expletives here)  And, the darn thing doesn't even know what day it is.  Stupid watch.  Ok, fine.  I won't get the data I was hoping for but I can still do the heart rate effort.  I know when I'm supposed to turn around so it's all good.

Until I attempted to turn on my iPod. (Lots of expletives here)  No go.  Are we kidding?  Ok, reset it and press play.  Silence.  (Expletives keep coming)  Oh lordy, I have to do this without music.  I know, I know, it's actually good to do hard run efforts without gets you in touch with your breathing and we can't have music during our you need to get used to it.  I just wasn't planning on having that issue for this run.

Focus.  Breathe.  It's just a watch and just music.  PIC and I started our watches (mine without GPS data) and we were off!  And it was as hard as I thought.  But it was good.  I focused on my breathing and treated it like a race.  I even felt like I was in a race at times (even though there was no one around except for PIC passing me like I was standing still)....the hurt, the feel good times, the can I really go for 45 minutes thoughts, the can I walk now?, am I almost done?, I can do anything for 10 minutes.....

Hard run.  In the bank.  Cha-ching.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Is in the air!!!  I can feel it and I cannot wait!  Officially, we still have 11 days left of winter.  But bring on the next season!  The last couple of months here have put a big damper on my mood and training.   Last winter it was warm enough to head out on the bike and do some great riding.  This winter?  Yeah, no.  It has been too cold.  I know, we live in Colorado right?  Get used to it.  I get it, but we were spoiled last winter.

My mood?  A bit cranky and a bit grumpy.  I need vitamin D!  Being inside for so long led to a couple of weeks of relative un-inspiredness.  A serious case of the blahs.  A serious case of looking at my schedule without much excitement.  Blah blah blah.  But I have made it through the lull, my mood is improving, and darn it there are races coming up!  How's that to put a little hop in my step!  And, I am now looking at my schedule and lovin' it, and excited to try the next challenge!

My training?  Really, it hasn't been bad.  In fact, I believe I have had some great workouts of late.  I now look at my bike trainer with a love/hate type of attitude.  Love it because I know I am getting stronger which will translate into faster.  Hate it because I am really tired of riding indoors and watching movies and drenching my clothes and towels because I am inside.

But this weekend looks like an OUTSIDE ride tomorrow and Sunday.  And maybe a little trip to the hills next week......Yip Yip!

PIC and I got out last week.....can you tell we are completely happy about a semi-warm day??

It's been awhile since the road bikes got to play, see how happy they are??

Here's PIC attempting to keep her heart rate below xy on a hill.  

Does PIC really need to wear a helmet while I'm driving?  And is she holding on for dear life there?  Hmmmmm.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wipe Out

I really can't say much about this video except it is now perfectly clear why my side hurt on Monday.  I'll also just put this one out there too - I will no longer be skiing backwards to videotape my cute children skiing.  And, cuz I'm thinking out loud here, if I do happen to ski backwards to videotape my cute children skiing again, Michael will be above me and will not have accidentally planted a pole right below me.  That I can't see.  Because I am skiing backwards to videotape said cute children.  I'm just sayin'.  Oh, and Charlotte is the last one in line with a blue/green jacket.