Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Professional Pacer

I have a big job this weekend.  It's no ordinary feat.  It is not like anything I have done before.  And it certainly isn't like anything that PIC is doing.  Yea, she's running 100 miles.  That's right, all in the same day/night.  But my job?  I have the honor of pacing her for 2 laps at night, which I happily signed up for.  Except now I realize that a lot is riding on my shoulders.  I am expected to do her hair if she wants me to.  Or, hold her hair while she's puking (thankfully she doesn't have long hair. Unfortunately, I am a sympathetic puker:  you puke, I puke. 'nuf said).  Maybe I should carry nail polish too.  What about Mad Libs for entertainment?  We will have video.  I can sing, but not very well.  That would probably make her laugh.  Riddles?  But the last one we had took us 2 weeks to figure out.  And I need stories!!  But since PIC is my main training partner, she already knows my stories!!  I'm going to have to dig through the corners of my mind to come up with some good ones.  I will carry treats (can't name them because I want her to be surprised) and water.  Bandaids too.  Maybe I will even carry her.  But I will NOT let her sit down.  Not on my watch.

Is anyone out there in blog-land a professional pacer?  Any tips/hints/ideas on how I can best get PIC through the 2 laps on my watch?  Can I earn my pro pacer card on this trip?  What are the in's and out's for a PP (pro pacer)?   I need entertainment help too.  Should I carry a portable DVD player?  We could watch Top Gun....or Twilight......All thoughts/comments/suggestions/ideas are appreciated.  Just leave me a little comment love:)

Better yet, leave Sonja a little comment love and send her good wishes all day (and night) Saturday in Moab!!!


jessithompson said...

I have no tips for you, but am confident that if you care this much you will be awesome. I'll be thinking of you both!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

You are going to be awesome support for Sonja - you'll do just fine. And she is going to BRING IT, and push through this race. Grrrr

goSonja said...

i love you pic

Mike said...

No tips - and twitter says you just did your job terrific. Congrats to you and pic!