Friday, March 12, 2010


Is in the air!!!  I can feel it and I cannot wait!  Officially, we still have 11 days left of winter.  But bring on the next season!  The last couple of months here have put a big damper on my mood and training.   Last winter it was warm enough to head out on the bike and do some great riding.  This winter?  Yeah, no.  It has been too cold.  I know, we live in Colorado right?  Get used to it.  I get it, but we were spoiled last winter.

My mood?  A bit cranky and a bit grumpy.  I need vitamin D!  Being inside for so long led to a couple of weeks of relative un-inspiredness.  A serious case of the blahs.  A serious case of looking at my schedule without much excitement.  Blah blah blah.  But I have made it through the lull, my mood is improving, and darn it there are races coming up!  How's that to put a little hop in my step!  And, I am now looking at my schedule and lovin' it, and excited to try the next challenge!

My training?  Really, it hasn't been bad.  In fact, I believe I have had some great workouts of late.  I now look at my bike trainer with a love/hate type of attitude.  Love it because I know I am getting stronger which will translate into faster.  Hate it because I am really tired of riding indoors and watching movies and drenching my clothes and towels because I am inside.

But this weekend looks like an OUTSIDE ride tomorrow and Sunday.  And maybe a little trip to the hills next week......Yip Yip!

PIC and I got out last week.....can you tell we are completely happy about a semi-warm day??

It's been awhile since the road bikes got to play, see how happy they are??

Here's PIC attempting to keep her heart rate below xy on a hill.  

Does PIC really need to wear a helmet while I'm driving?  And is she holding on for dear life there?  Hmmmmm.


jessithompson said...

Love, love, love the sunshine. Last pic was pretty funny!

Jamie said...

You guys even have matching bikes? ! Too funny.