Saturday, April 10, 2010


Quick race report on yesterday's mile swim at the Masters State Swimming Championship meet at DU.

1650 yards.  A "mile".  20-someodd minutes of, well, I suppose the best way to describe it is pain.  Not to mention the places your mind can travel to while in the midst of this race.  So when I got the go-ahead from CV (which is kinda funny because I'm pretty sure I only volunteered PIC for this one, and I would be the happy counter.  Wait a minute....) I tentatively signed up.  I tried to "forget".  But I finally put my name in.

I went into yesterday's race with the hope of beating my time from 2 years ago.  I felt pretty confident that I could do this based on some recent results and the fact that I am feeling strong in the pool.  But, you never know what the day will bring!

As I stood behind the blocks waiting for my heat, I wasn't really nervous at all.  I just wanted to get in the pool and swim.  I even yawned.  I was ready.  I was seeded into heat 4 as the second fastest swimmer based on my time from 2 years ago and lane 6 was my lane.  Could either be good or bad for me......if I'm leading the heat will I have the extra motivation/GRRRRR to push myself?  I even got a last minute "pep" talk from stud swimmer/coach Mike Mann (he used to coach me at Inverness)....something to the effect of make sure you sprint that first 100 and breathe every 7th breath.  Huh???  

On the blocks, in the water, come up for air.  First 100.  First 100.  First 100.  Relax.  Breathe.  Wow, the girl next to me must have taken Mike's advice because she is flying!!!!  Her first 100 must have been a 1:05!  But, I let her go and in my mind I knew I would reel her in later.  Second 100.  Settle.  You've got a long way to go.  But my breathing was solid.  My stroke rate seemed just fine.  And I slowly began to pull away from the other swimmers that I could see.  I kept focusing on the numbers at the end of the lane.  I couldn't see the pace clock to judge where I was at - a good thing.  And the song I had in my head? Metric's Help I'm Alive.  I changed the verse from my heart keeps beating like a hammer to I'm feeling like a hammer....

And the girl that took off at the beginning?  Yep, she started dying early.  Like around the 500 if I remember.  And I reeled her in.  But she put up a fight and stayed with me for awhile.  But I kept on and she finally cracked.  Was I leading the heat?  Was I getting the final lap horn?  I had no idea...feeling like a hammer.  My arms and shoulders were a bit stiff and heavy starting off but now I didn't really feel them.  But I did feel them and everything else.  Relax.  Breathe.  And then I was in the 50s for the lap counter....not much more to go.  Go.  Go.  Go.  Was I going to PR?  At this point I didn't care!!!  Get this done with!!!  I got the horn....I was leading the heat!  Last 50 I was determined that no one would catch me and I kicked with whatever I had left and hit that wall.  And.  Was.  Done.

I looked up at the clock and saw my time.  20:29.  And had only one thing to say.  Begins with an F.  Ends with a K.  Not sure why that was the first thing out of my mouth.  Good thing no kids were present!!!  Beat my time from 2 years ago by over a minute.  PIC's husband Troy was our split taker and when I looked at how I had paced it I was extremely happy!  First 50 was 34.  Each and every 50 after that was 37.  Sa-Weet!!

Next up was PIC and her first swim meet experience.  Read her report here......but, her googles stayed on and she nailed it.  So happy for her and so happy that her hard hard work in the pool has started to pay dividends.  Nice!!  How lucky am I to have Sonja as my main PIC and training partner??!!!!

Tomorrow is the Platte River Half!


goSonja said...

That's my girl!! Grrrr. You were amazing to should have been in lane 2! Next year!

Helen said...

20:29!!!!! WOW--that is sooo awesome! Just like in Australia where you killed the swim!

Luv from Sonja's mom :)

Jamie said...

That is it. You two convinced me. I have to finally get into masters swimming... next fall/winter. :-)

Unknown said...

Awesome job grrrl ;-) way to race! Congrats on the PR! Sorry to hear about the marathon no go and bike crash! Glad you are better now though!

hmm... my word verification for the comment is erallyz -- which sounds a lot like she rallys -- appropriate :)