Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I remember going to camp as a kid.....looking forward to that week away from the parents and going to the mountains and hanging out with other kids in tents.  Going to the mess hall.  Hiking.  Singing songs by the camp fire.  Telling ghost stories.  Listening to the wind in the trees.  Riding horses.  Cleaning up horse poop.  You know, all the fun things!!!

Well, last week a client came into town (who also happens to be a coach too) to put on a training camp for his athletes (and himself) and I had the opportunity to participate!  I was excited because I knew that a) the camp would be fun,  b) there would be no horse poop scooping and, c) I'd have some new training partners to kick my ass!  It's always good to shake up your workout and training regime with new training partners (especially since my main training PIC is still recovering after her 100 miler) and this was definitely the case for me!

It started Wednesday afternoon with my client Jay doing a lactate test with me on the bike.  Sorry folks, no pictures of that sweat and blood fest, but the results were just what I wanted to see (and for my coach too!!)  My legs were toasty after that but Thursday was another "test" day for me  on the bike after some intense body and core work.  Friday brought some fun with a long course swim day at DU and a MAF test for me on the track.  (clearly far too many tests for me in the span of three days....did I pass?  did I fail?? Arrrggggghhhh???!!!)  Saturday?  We rode Shadow Mountain in some incredibly windy conditions.  Then Sunday there was a nice 10 mile run.  Lots of good work in just a few short days.

I like camp!!  Next time though, it will also include some well needed massage and chiro work, I better give Tri-Massage a call here soon and get up to see Ken at Active Care muy pronto!!

Kevin, Jay, me right before getting my ass handed to me during the 20 minute test at Chatfield

Sonja came and joined us on Friday for our swim!! (CV if you are reading - she may or may not have done a couple of sprints and I may or may not have evidence)
Of course, since Sonja was there we had to do a jump picture

Warming up at the Conoco in Evergreen with mochas and almond snickers.  We had snow blowing at us on the way up Shadow.  Brrrrrrrrrr.  The wind and snow just made us tougher right?

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goSonja said...

Grrr, way tougher! I'm sure of it. Nice training week PIC! I'm so sad to have missed it. Makes the 100 miler just a little less sweet.