Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Spring

And that must mean there is racing to be done this weekend!!!  Yip Yip!!!  In a few short hours, I will be heading to DU to swim the 1650, a race I love to hate.  I know what this race is going to bring (i.e. pain) but I am also pretty excited to see if I can bring home a new PR.  I keep reminding myself, the first 100.  The first 100......not to give away all my "secrets" but really, that first 100 can be a deal maker or breaker.  And to top it off, I get to watch (and count for) PIC in her first swim meet EVAH!!!  This is gonna be fun.

Of course, I can't just do one event this weekend, so on Sunday I will head over to Littleton and run in the Platte River Half Marathon.  Once again, hoping that I bring home a new PR in this one.  We will's been a kind of train-through week and I am really not rested.  At all.  But I will go for it (per my instructions from Coach CV) and see what the day brings.   The last time I attempted this race I didn't even get to the starting line due to a severe case of salmonella poisoning.  So, I will not be baking this weekend, or eating any sort of raw cookie dough or cake batter.  I will not eat sushi or undercooked meats of any sort.  There will be no buffets.  I will get to the start line!

And, since it is spring, I can't help but get giddy at the fact that my first TRI is just around the corner....4 weeks and counting.  Whoop Whoop!

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goSonja said...

The season is here, it is sooooo on! You rocked the house tonight. I'm so fricking lucky that I get to train with you every day. Nice work FordyFord!