Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Favorite Color

It's been a lot like Christmas around here lately.  And I've grown quite fond of the FedEx guy, the mail guy, and the UPS guy.  They come around all the time these days and bring me stuff!!  Boxes from Team Trakkers, Saucony, First Endurance, Tri-Swim.  Like I said, Christmas in April!

But I digress.  I have a new favorite color.  Green!  If I had a million dollars, I'd buy you a green dress but not a real green dress that's cruel.  I've always been drawn to black, white, red, pink and blue.  But now it is green thanks to Team Trakkers!!!  I love this color and I love my new stuff.  Check it out:

This is what I am racing in this season.  It's made by Saucony and it's super soft and comfy.  Love it!

And here are my new racing shoes!  It's almost tragic that I have to put speed laces in these 'cuz the laces have gold sparkles in them....don't they look fast??

OK, PIC always does jumping pictures so I tried one too.  Didn't work.  But check out the new Trakkers kit!  Love it!

And a sweet new bag, but the best part was the note on it:  Good luck Michelle!  Trakkers 2010.  Have I mentioned how excited I am to be a part of Team Trakkers this year??
And of course, I had to have these.  They are green!  So, if any one is counting I am up to around 15 16 pairs of running shoes.  Hi, my name is Michelle and I have a running shoe problem......

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Tyler Walton said...

After running/riding with you for several hundered miles I am glad that you have something new to wear. Green is good!