Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trakkers Showcase

Team Trakkers photo (courtesy of Eric Willis)

Tomorrow is Race Day here in Knoxville!  And the great news is that Trakkers will be showcasing their GPS device too.  AND, I will be wearing one!  What exactly does that mean, you ask?  Well, the Trakkers device is the size of a pager and after the swim I will put it in my back pocket and forget about it.  I won't even notice it.....but if you want to, you will be able to track me on the course.  Here is the link to the site.  I did a test for Trakkers back in October for the Denver Half Marathon and y'all (I am in Tennessee) had some great comments for the folks at Trakkers.  So, once again.....let me know if you have any comments tracking me during the race.  Oh yeah, my number is 1375 and my wave start is 7:55 (eastern time)!!  (Disclaimer.....the swim time will NOT be accurate thus the overall time will not be accurate since I will put the device on after the swim)

Sonja, Jamie and me checking out the course

And speaking of the race, I had the opportunity to drive the bike course twice yesterday.  Wow.  What a course.  This is not an easy course and about halfway through it I knew that one of my season goal times of x:xx:xx will probably not happen.  Some great climbs and some screaming technical descents.  Yee Haw.  The run course is straightforward and the last half mile will be uphill.  Ouch.  It'll really make you want to see that finish line.  Of course, there is a GIANT TV screen behind the finish line so if you are watching the live streaming video at Rev3 you can see me and everyone else sucking wind after climbing the hill and stumbling towards the finish.

Team Trakkers had a dinner last night at Calhoun's and PIC and I did a great job polishing off a full rack of ribs ate a fabulously healthy dinner of grilled chicken and it was great to finally meet our teammates - the people we have been emailing/reading blogs/tweeting for the past 5 months.  Trakkers Pros Michael and Amanda Lovato and Richie Cunningham stopped by to say hi too.  We also had a photo shoot this morning and a little run to shake out the legs.  Then it was off to the river to get in the water.  It was actually much better than I thought it would be and best part??  I didn't see any snakes:)

So now I am sitting in my hotel room with my feet up and chillaxin' before bike check-in.  Then dinner and bedtime.  This is gonna be fun!!!!  Good night y'all from Tennessee!

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