Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boulder Sprint Spectator Report

Today I watched.  I cheered. I kept track of the children.  Most of the time.  And some of the time I wished I was competing at today's Boulder Sprint.  But really, it is so fun to watch the action from the spectator's point of view.  Keeping track of my athletes (this is HARD!) and hoping everyone out there has a good day.  Seeing old and new friends.  Twitter friends.  Training partners.  This race is almost like a reunion - it's the first local big race of the season - and there are lots of racers out and about.

A good way to keep the kiddos entertained?  Hand them the camera.  Except as you will notice, the picture quality after the kid hand-off is not as, umm, clear.....watermelon fingers???

Faye and Cody.  I take full responsibility for taking the picture into the sun.  Duh.

But, being a spectathlete is difficult.  Especially when there are 2 little ones you are also responsible for.  I think I lost each of them twice.  Or maybe more.  I know I lost an athlete but I figured he could take care of himself on the course.  My kids??  Not so much.  I found them before breaking out in a full panic!!!  Thanks to Amica for providing the markers and poster boards for the kids to color on - that was awesome and the kids made some great signs for Michael (he races on Father's Day!!).

Congratulations to both Michael and Cody for their solid efforts today - PR's all around!!  And cheers to Steph for getting back into the tri game after 3 years of solid school and studying!

Me, Steph, Cheryl and Brian.  This was our standard pose from it....

Welcome back Steph!

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