Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Race Weekend

Where'd she go?  Clearly training has picked up a tad bit over the last couple of weeks, throw in Memorial Day weekend, birthday parties, bbqs, pool parties etc etc.  Phew, I am glad I'm in Connecticut for Rev3 Quassy! (and just a note about this post....I have no idea what happened to my font and spacing but I am really just to tired to fix it right now.....must sleep)

It's a girls weekend!!!  Sonja/PIC and I flew out of Denver yesterday morning and arrived in Hartford a few hours later.  As always an uneventful flight is a good flight.  We got ourselves this rockin' rental car that fit both of the bike boxes in back, met up with fellow Team Trakkers mate and studette triathlete Kathleen Calkins (um, yeah she won Kona age groupers last year) and we drove off to Guilford, the location of our homestay!  And how nice is our homestay??  The house (btw, all houses in CT as far as I can tell are very cute/nice) is right on the water and our hosts are about the nicest people in the world.  They are treating us like the princesses we think/wish we are/were.

After a good night's sleep (and yes, PIC accused me of faking a deep sleep!!!), the three of us were off to help man the mile 1 aid station of the Olympic race this morning.  

Mama Bear Carole had the XM radio station in her hot hyundai dialed in to some great tunes for our the athletes' entertainment

After we aided the station, we were off to ride some of the run course.  Let me just say this about this entire course.  Hilly.  Hilly.  And then throw in some more hills.  And probably a few more just for good measure.  As you can see in these pictures not only are we wearing green but everything around us is green too!

Checking out the swim

And we also stalked some of my favorite pros, here we are with Mirinda Carfrae!

And, in case you were looking for something to do Sunday morning, here is the link to follow me on the race course.  I am the last wave off at 7:18!!!  

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Bret said...

Have a great race Michelle!