Thursday, July 8, 2010

Decisions Decisions

It's decision time.  Although it appears as though my race schedule is "set" through Ironman Arizona, it actually is not.  I have not gone through the sign-up process for Worlds and Nationals.

Here's the scoop.....Worlds would be an alone trip.  That's right, I'll head to Budapest without friends or family.  Which really isn't a big deal.  Or maybe it is.  Heck, I backpacked through Europe as an 18 year old for a couple of weeks on my own after I decided to "go my own way" in Switzerland.  But, it was lonely at times in Spain.  And France.  And I did miss my friends and wanted to go home after a week.  Was it a good experience?  YES.  Would it have been better with friends/companions/family.  YES.

Me, Sonja and Beth at Opening Ceremonies in Australia

And I keep having this vision - well a memory combined with a vision.  Of crossing the finish line at Worlds in Australia and having my family there.  And my training and traveling peeps.  It was an amazing experience.  So my race wasn't stellar.  But my experience was.  And I will always remember that.  So what would it be like in Budapest?  Crossing the finish line without my friends and family?  That is the vision that is stalling me.  That is the one that is making me quite hesitant about committing to the trip.  Sure, I can usually make friends and be social but on my own?  I can sometimes be, well if you must know, shy.  Shocking to some but it is true.  I am comfortable around my friends and training partners.  And I can usually meet new people and hit it off without a problem.  But there are other times when I take the easy way out.....head to the hotel room.  Make quick appearances and disappear.  And it would really suck if that is what happened in Budapest
After the race with PIC and my dad in the background

Here are the decisions I need to make.  And I need to make them by Tuesday - the day that the registration payment is due for Worlds.

a)  stick with the original plan (although the original plan was to go with friends) and go to Budapest, a city I would LOVE to visit, and compete with those feisty Europeans.  And a mere two weeks later head to Tuscaloosa for Nationals, a race I really enjoyed last year.  With my peeps.

b) head to Worlds, blow off Nationals and have a great training block before Ironman.

c) blow off Worlds, race Nationals and see if I can get a spot to China in 2011.  Even though I doubt I'd go to China (I don't have anything against China but I am not thrilled by the prospect of racing there....)

d) take up knitting.  I might just do this anyway.

Tick tock tick tock......decision time coming.  My head knows what to do.  My heart has other ideas.  They need to mesh before long.  Anyone have any other thoughts??


LittleRachet said...

I gave up my spot to worlds but this weekend may throw the Nationals option into the mix. Then I have to decided between Cedar Point and Nationals - so I'm with ya there.

I haven't been to Europe and didn't want my first trip tied to a tri - alone. That's not your issue guess I have no advice. Sorry.

Jamie said...

Oooh. That is a tuffie.

I don't think any choice is a bad one. Whatever you do, just fully commit. If you go to Budapest, kill that race course and make a ton of friends. If you decide to knit, knit something AWESOME (if that is possible..)

Good luck deciding!

Michelle said...

Go to Budapest and KILL it! Do Nationals and WIN! You can do it, stick with the plan, we are cheering for you!