Friday, August 27, 2010

So you want to be an Ironman?

Just had to share this video.   I am still giggling.  But I'm sure anyone training for an Ironman has had a conversation kind of like this.  I just had one yesterday.

Friend:  What are you training for?

Me:  An Ironman.

Friend:  Really.  Wow.  What does that involve?  How far is the swim?

Me:  2.4 miles.  With 3000 of your closest friends.  At the same time.

Friend:  I hate swimming.  There is no way I could ever swim that far.

Me:  Yeah, sometimes I hate it too.

Friend:  Then what do you do?

Me:  Well, you hop on your bike soaking wet and go for a little spinny-spin around a 112 mile block.  

Friend:  112 miles?  I could never ride that far.  Doesn't your butt hurt after that long on a bike?

Me:  Yes, my butt hurts among other things (ahem saddle sores but there's no way I'm getting into that conversation).

Friend:  Wow.  You're crazy.  Then you run?

Me:  Yep, just throw a little marathon at the end of the bike.

Friend:  I could never run a marathon.  You are definitely nuts.  

Me:  Yep.  And I can't wait to do it.  

And then maybe I'll burn my wetsuit and running shoes to satisfy the triathlon gods.

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