Monday, September 27, 2010


This post was written on Thursday as I sat on a plane to Alabama.....race report to come...
I’m sitting here on a plane to Birmingham Alabama and wondering exactly how I got here.  Well, that’s pretty obvious.....Anne and Tyler picked me up and drove me to the airport.  But that almost didn’t happen.  And the race may not happen either.  
So before I get into the drama of the last few days I just want to say....I don’t want sympathy.  I don’t want the that sucks.  I don’t need it and I really don’t even want to talk about it.  But here it is.  I have been dealt a pretty bad hand of cards lately.  Bad luck.  Somehow I pissed off the triathlon “gods” (who these people are I don’t know but I apologize...I really think I’m a decent ambassador of the sport).  Bad luck comes in threes though right?  Wait, no.  That’s airplane crashes (my heart just skipped a beat since I am currently on a plane) and celebrity deaths.  Here are my three:  plantar fasciatis (I will learn how to spell this one day), a sprained foot, and wait for it.....a sprained back.  
I know, I just posted this boo-hoo stuff about my PF a couple of days ago.  But the perfect storm brewed up and wah-lah, I’m broken.  Here’s the perfect storm:  exercises/stretches I have been doing to increase my quad/hamstring mobility and eventually give me a better kick/lift on the run, a deep massage that went really deep on my psoas (spelling here???), a hard swim on Tuesday that I nailed by the way, stress, a stupid 30 lb weight that I have been using for foot rehab (the visual is tough), a bike.....and whoa.  Pain.  On Tuesday afternoon I tried to go on a 30 minute jog and was unable to do it.  It felt like my lower back had been twisted around and was completely out of whack.  WTF?  I stopped.  Stretched a bit.  OK, don’t worry.  Just shake it out you’ll be fine.  I started to jog again.  Nope.  It was getting worse.  I hobbled back to the car in disbelief.  I got home and tried to stretch out.  As the rest of the day went on, it got worse.  I eventually looked like a 98-year-old woman bent over taking short short steps because that was the range I had.  I looked in the mirror and I had lost the curve in my spine.  Gone.  Holy Moly.  This can’t be good.  I couldn’t lie on my back.  I couldn’t lie on my stomach.  I found a little teeny tiny relief on my side.  
The next morning it was not any better but life goes on right?  Michael was out of town (surprise!!!  but usually something goes wrong with the house when he’s gone....not me) so I needed to get up and get the girls to school.  The pain in my lower back felt like back labor or the worst menstrual cramps evah.  It was a constant pain and some movements caused sharp pain in my hips and lower back.  Dr. Ken worked on me.  It was so bad that I couldn’t even push myself up from laying on the table. I started taking natural muscle entire lower back region was in spasm.  OK OK don’t freak out.  But by Wednesday afternoon I was crying in my pillow knowing I wouldn’t be able to compete in Nationals this weekend.  I was (am) so disappointed.  I could barely walk let alone run.  I tried to swim but if I overrotated - pain.  And definitely no flipturns.  It was bad.  
This morning (Thursday), I was hoping for a minor miracle when I woke up.  But it was not to be.  I was still hurting.  And I was still crying.  Not as bad but still knowing there was no way I could compete in 48 hours.  I saw Ken again, he thought I should go.  Michael thought I should just go and if I couldn’t toe the starting line, well so be it.  Plus, he and the girls are heading to California tomorrow for his stepbrothers wedding so I would be alone for 5 days.  Then I got the salespitch call from Tyler.  He basically said, the trip is already paid for, come hang out with your friends, maybe you’ll be OK to race, maybe not, but you’ll have fun.  Plus why stay home alone?  As soon as he said it and knowing what Michael was thinking, I was in.  But I had 1 hour to pack my bike (just in case) and pack my things.  Oh yeah, the most important thing?  Tyler said he’d be my sherpa beotch for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to lug my bike and heavy bags around.  
Sold!!!  That is why I’m on a plane to Birmingham and then in a car to Tuscaloosa.  My back is still in spasm though it is better than it was.  But it still looks like I’m walking around with something stuck up my behind.  (sorry, best way to describe it) I am still taking mass amounts of ibuprofen and the natural muscle relaxers.  My pre-race preparations are a bit different because it has involved a glass(es) of wine/beer and lots of chocolate.  Will I be able to race?  Doubtful.  But I am hopeful.  It will be a race-day decision. 
So send me happy, healing, healthy thoughts and keep your fingers crossed.  I really want to race Nationals.  And if I can’t race?  Well, I will just be the best darn athletic supporter out there to all my peeps.  And enjoy the incredible heat and humidity of Tuscaloosa.  

A funny side note did Tyler and I keep an open middle seat in our row on the full flight?   Easy!  I started scratching my head like I had head lice and Tyler, well he grabbed the barf bag and started making these awful sounds.....childish, yes but mucho entertainment for us!


Ben s. said...

I've had back spams like that, no good. I think the three's work for personal stuff as well; so hopefully your penance is paid.

--sounds like the beer/wine/chocolate didn't do too bad for powering you.

goSonja said...

that sucks...

I'm kidding...err kinda.

Tyler and the barf bag is pretty funny.