Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kona Bound

After a nutty couple of days - why oh why is life so hectic just to try and get out of town?? - and a month filled with family travels, I am finally on my way to Hawaii.  I am excited to say the least!  Kona is the first stop.  I will be training with my coach, stalking watching the amazing athletes that Ironman has attracted to the island, volunteering, and spectating a race that I’ve only witnessed on NBC.  
My bike has made this trip with me so I will get to experience the infamous Kona trade winds myself which I am sure will make me appreciate the race that much more.  I plan on swimming to the buoy on the horizon you can’t even see from Dig Me Beach (as long as someone swims with me!!!) .  And I’m sure there will be some running along the way.  I can’t wait to get my toes in the sand.
If you are competing on Saturday, I’ll be body marking!!! And, I’ve been training for the last month to be a professional spectator, running around with a camera and a live Twitter feed in incredibly hot temperatures yelling out “Go Get ‘em” and “Today’s your Day” and “Run her down Sonja”  to random people on the street with limited nutrition and an empty water bottle.  I have also been practicing my cowbell moves.  But I think I’ll stay away from the tried and not so true “Lookin’ good”, cuz really....who looks good (other than Chrissie and Crowie) towards the end of an Ironman??!!
I have many friends out here competing on Saturday as well as an athlete (who you can read about here) and I’m thrilled I will be able to witness their races.  I am ready to be inspired and I know I will be. I will feel the nervousness and anticipation of the starting horn and watch the race get under way.  I will celebrate as I watch my friends cross the finish line and cheer the midnight athlete to the finish line.  This will be awesome.  
If you know anyone competing on Saturday and want me to keep an eye out for them - let me know (Twitter:  @michelleford6p) or drop me a comment....I’ll do my best:)


Unknown said...

I think I want to see some of those cowbell moves!! Have fun!

Unknown said...

GOOOOOOOOOO MICHELLE!!!! I'll be cheering for you stateside!

....wait a minute... LOL Have a great trip and have fun TRAINING!!