Monday, October 11, 2010

Kona Day 1

Thanks to the Willis/Wieck clan, I am staying at this sweet house up mauka (the hill) near the airport.  It has a pool and hot tub and all the pool toys a kid (Annie) could ask for.  I really miss my kiddos especially when I see a Hawaiian Shave Ice stand - we have some bribes - and can’t wait to see them on Sunday.  Lucky for me though, Annie freely gives out awesome kid hugs!!
Thursday in Kona was amazing as I’m sure today (Friday) will be and Saturday and Sunday.  I started off the day nice and early thanks to a 4-hour time change and by 7:15, Son and I were at the PIER!!!  With almost every other athlete!!  It was nuts.  At the advice of CV, we swam away from the crowds so as not to get swam over.  I didn’t understand at first why no one swimming was looking up to see where they were going....until we started to swim and immediately I saw fishies.  It then became a “snorkel” swim checking out all the cool things under water.  I instructed Son to stay on my feet so that I could guide her through the chaos and hopefully not get her run over.  As race day gets closer, I think her race brain has taken over some of her smart brain so I have stepped in to help her make good decisions!!  Should I dive into the pool?  NO NO NO
Don't ask what we were talking about....
Happy Swimmers!
Swimming down

Anywho, we saw the coffee boat and decided to head over there.  I drank the coffee and we shared a breakfast cookie.  Look how clear the water is!!  As much as we wanted to keep playing in the water, we had a race to get to.......the underpants run!!  This is a Kona tradition (for how many years is unclear to me) but basically is was started to “discourage” athletes to wear inappropriate training gear around when not in Speedos in Safeway.  This was so much fun, check out these pics.  About 500 people took part and I giggled my way through it.
OK, what are we supposed to compress in this?
The Zoot Team
With local pro super stud triathlete and super blogger Bree Wee
Mmmmm, coffee boat
Mmmmm, coffee!
The rest of my day was spent on the bike.  I rode from Waikoloa Beach to Hawi and back and a little further.  All told about 70 miles of the famous or infamous (depending on the year you did it I suppose) Kona course.  The way up to Hawi was great.  Hot. Hot. Hot. But was tough and I had to keep my heart rate in check but I really enjoyed the climb up.  I stopped to refill my bottles at the turnaround and then FLEW out of town - I was going 35 mph (and not spinning out yee haw) - until the crosswinds started.  And that was kinda scary.  I was white-knuckling my aero bars and even came out a few times because you just didn’t know which way they were going to come from next.  My bottles were dry by Kawaihae so I stopped again.  The winds were pretty fierce on the Queen K back and I was hot, salty, sweaty, tired, and really just kind of bored with the desolate landscape and lava.  So I made the rescue call for PIC to pick me up.  
And that folks pretty much sums up Thursday in Kona.  Next up?  That’s right....Friday!!

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