Friday, December 24, 2010

Ski Day

Finally, finally, finally!  The girls are finally old enough (and proficient enough) for us all to head to the hills and make some turns!!  Yee Haw!  BC (before children), Michael and I always headed up for a day of skiing on Christmas Eve - the absolute best time to lines, no on-slope traffic, no lines, no car traffic, and everyone is in a festive and happy mood.  AC (after children), it's been tough to keep up the pre-Xmas ski day.  You know, can't walk, can't talk, can't ski, cries a lot and that whole diaper thing.  
Isabelle, Michael and Charlotte
With lots of lessons and patience (LOTS of patience) over the past couple of years, this was the year to re-start the tradition.  We packed up the truck with movies and snacks and coffee (for me) and went to the mountains for the day.  I even sucked it up and said yes to Keystone!  (see, I really can't stand Keystone...I have never had a good day there, it's always freezing cold, Schoolmarm scares the be-jeezus out of me, and I just don't like the area sorry Keystone...) 

The snow is unbelievable right now for pre-Xmas skiing and the girls did great!  One run down the mountain and they were exactly where they left off from last year.  Charlotte followed me for the first run but then said I could follow her - which was good 'cuz then I could be total mama bear protecting my 5 year old from all the not-so-smart peeps on the mountain.  The girl was working her edges and cruising - way cool.  And, she had no interest in stopping during the middle of a run.  Isabelle got back into her "french fries" right away and then started her hockey stops.  
Char and Iz cruisin' down the mountain
Fancy schmancy aid station

But a kid only has so many runs in her and the bonking began in the middle of the second to last run.  We got them to the top of the mountain and treated it like mile 18 in an Ironman.  As I looked around for an aid station with chicken broth, pretzels, chips, oranges, cola and awesome volunteers I realized that I would have to pay for the aid....sprite and chocolate!  As if you don't pay for the aid stations at Ironman $600! That got them down the mountain but as we took off our skis and started walking towards the car (and yes, free parking is like a mile away), Charlotte called it a day.  She laid down in the middle of the walkway and said she wasn't walking anymore.  Really kind of funny:)
Where's the car?

It ended up being the best day at Keystone I have ever had:)  I think we'll head up to ski again next week!!  

Monday, December 13, 2010


Well, not only have I been taking time off from training, I have also been taking time off from blogging!  And not because there's nothing going on - there is plenty going on!  I've just been taking the past couple of weeks to sit on my couch, do some 2011 planning, think about training and then not training, having fun with the "training" that I'm doing, reading, cooking, and trying not to eat every cookie that I come in contact with!

One of the fun things?  Yep, changed the look of my blog....whaddya think?  See, I like to change things around every once in awhile and since I never change my hair, this blog gets a bit of attention.  So, with the help of PIC, this is what we came up with.  And, since pink is my signature color (can anyone name the movie that line is from?), well.....there you have it.

But more than the visual change, there is a very important new look.....on the sponsor side! I will be racing for the 2011 KompetitiveEdge team!!  This is a local swim and tri gear shop that carries the absolute best gear and is very customer-oriented.  They have created a team of 12 this year and I am incredibly excited to be part of this team and representing KompetitiveEdge and TYR!!  I've already met a few of my new teamies and they are amazing and talented.  Even though I'm pretty sure I am now the KE grandma.  This is quite simply a fantastic opportunity and even better?  PIC has made the change too!

The sad part for me is that I am leaving behind a fantastic team in Trakkers.  The people that I have called my teamies and friends for the last year!  I will continue to cyber-stalk these peeps and support and cheer for them in all they do, and hopefully they will do the same:)!  It turns out that green is now one of my favorite colors (but not a real green dress that's cruel.....anyone name the song?)!!  And, of course, I am looking forward to racing another Rev3 event in the future.

But the countdown to "official" training is on.  January 1st I'll be back at it.  Until then?  FUN!  Tomorrow's fun?  I'm finally heading to the hills to enjoy all of that snow that has been falling on the slopes (but has thankfully missed Denver).