Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puppy Love

I finally gave in.  After months of the family begging, positioning, even bribing, I gave in.  I said yes to a new dog.  It's been a year since our last dog, Primo, died.  After he died, I had absolutely NO interest in another dog.  I needed a doggy break.  Take a bit of time as a dog-less family.  Mourn the loss of the malamute we had had for 11 years.

How did this happen?  It started at Christmas.  My sister and her husband volunteer with this great organization Retriever Rescue of Colorado (RROC) and they told us about the dog they were fostering.  It peaked our interest.  Hmmm.  A dog?  I checked out the website and read about some of the dogs they had available - from puppies to senior dogs.  And they all looked awesome.  We went over to their house and met this 3 year old girl and she was just a doll.  But, we had to go through the process first.

See, they don't just give the dogs away.  There is an application.  A phone interview.  A house visit.  And then, you get to talk to a "matcher" about possibilities.  We passed!!!  The doggy we had seen at my sister's had already been adopted but in a blink of an eye, I was speaking with the matcher about a 5 month old puppy.  This golden/lab/something mix had been rescued from Missouri - she was found outside and in the cold shivering with no tags or microchip.  She was taken to a shelter but this shelter had a 5-day policy.  And contrary to popular belief, Christmas week was quite slow there.  This beautiful little girl was just one day away from being euthanized before RROC rescued her.

She was taken from Missouri and driven to Colorado where she was fostered with a wonderful family in Castle Rock.  This family has two very small children and the puppy was great with them so I knew she would more than likely work well with our family!  We met her on a Wednesday, fell in love, and adopted her.  She came home to us last Sunday.

And now our home is PUPPY MADNESS!!!  Oh, how I have forgotten about having a puppy!  About not taking your eyes off of the puppy......she was supposedly housetrained.  Just not to our house.  She is crate trained which is awesome.  And, we are working on some basic commands - she's smart!  And boy, does she like to chew.  Furniture, shoes, underwear, chairs, carpets, plastic bags, leashes, feet (mine specifically), hands, foam rollers, bikes etc.  The kids are in heaven although everyone needs to learn how to adapt to a new puppy family member.

She's 35 pounds right now and according to our vet, she will more than likely top out at 50 pounds - a petite little girl!  She likes to run.....I took her for a short, 30 minute jog last week and she LOVED it!  We held a swift 11 min/mile pace and when we got home she slept for 2 hours.  Awesome!  Oh, and she likes to jump too.  Found that out the tough way.  Let's just say that she is no longer allowed in the backyard without direct supervision.  I haven't dealt with a jumper before - anyone have advice???

Sleepy puppy

Playful puppy
Good sit!

The kids have named her too.  Kona.  They said it was to celebrate my qualifying for....Kona.  So, Kona has completely taken over my life!  Puppy, puppy training and Kona training!  As long as she leaves my shoes alone all will be just fine:)


Anonymous said...

Awwww Love the pictures!!!

From Sonja's Mom

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetheart!! The joys of puppyhood, ah yes...remember them well-boy do they take energy, but toally love it :) Have so much fun with her!