Monday, January 24, 2011

Week #3

Oops.  I was supposed to hit "publish" on this post last it is a week later:)

Whoosh.....straight into week #3 of training!  So far so good, and without even blinking an eye I dropped my cookie weight and have been waking up hungry again.  I think that's good!  Even better news, I am starting to feel more human errrrr fish-like in the water again.  It took several painful sessions in the pool but I think I'm over that hump.  I certainly don't have speed or endurance but hey....gotta start from somewhere right?

I'm in the same place on the bike too.  Funny, just a couple of months ago I found it extremely difficult to get to certain heart rate ranges.  Now?  Yep.  I pretty much hit them in warm-up.  Once again, lacking in speed and endurance.  But hey, gotta start from somewhere right?

And the run.  Really no testing here, just lots more easy jogging as I prepare my feet for bigger work in the future.  So far so good.  I have even been enjoying my time on the treadmill....I know??!! Go figure.  Tonight when I went out for a quick jog, the wind was blowing something fierce and the thought of - wow, I wish I was on the treadmill actually crossed my mind.  I almost stopped in my tracks to laugh!

But I have a couple of new toys for the new year....first - a new swimsuit!  I know, it's just a swimsuit.  But when you wear one several days out of every week, it's nice to have something new that doesn't look like it's been to hell and back in the pool.  Funny thing about this suit's one of those TYR know the just doesn't seem to have much material on the behind area.  I was a bit hesitant about this one 'cuz it just looked like it might not cover all it was supposed to cover.  And I thought I might spend lots of time pulling out of places it wasn't supposed to go.
This is the suit but mine is hot hot hot pink!
So, I tested the suit out on a doozy of a workout - like a bijillion 100s.  Fast.  I went out to the pool area wrapped in my towel.  Because even after I put on the suit I still thought there just wasn't enough material.  I looked around to see who was out there.  No one was around so I quickly shed the towel and got in the pool.  I started warming up and was very pleased that the suit was exactly where it was supposed to be.....covering my a**!!  And, the Durafast material almost felt like lycra - it is a great suit - and very comfortable! Check it out at Kompetitive Edge!!

My other new toy??  Kompetitive Edge set me up here too......that's new powertap wheel!!  Love it right now but I'm sure in a couple of months I'll be yelling at it and calling it bad names when it doesn't show me the numbers I want to see.  But, for now, I'll enjoy the honeymoon period.

Looking forward to a little bit of a recovery next week.....


Caratunk Girl said...

Ohhh Powertap! Very jealous!!

Unknown said...

agreed! so jealous! :) nice work in the pool sexy mama!