Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve is a HUGE party at the Ford household.   That's right, I was in bed by 10:30 after playing Wii with the kids and watching movies.  And you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way!  Except that Charlotte kicked my a** in bowling.

The last 6 weeks have just flown by.  With only fun training on the docket, if a workout sounded fun or I didn't scrunch up my face at the thought of getting in the pool or putting on my run shoes - I did it.  Otherwise, I didn't do it.  For the first time in years, I actually took a break.  A breather of sorts from training.  Lots of you didn't think I'd be able to do it!  There were calls and emails of concern...are you OK without training???  And there may or may not have been some emergency emails/tweets from PIC and Coach when it looked like I might be planning a big workout. But I got it figured out.  Like anything, it was an adjustment - not having a set schedule of swimbikerun - what do I do with myself?

Here's my confession.....I loved it.  I got used to it.  And then proved the theory that an object in motion stays in motion.  It was so easy to not be in motion.  To just hang out with my kids.  My family.  Sleep.  Make cookies.  Watch movies.  Wrap presents.  And make cookies.  Drink a glass of wine.  Catch up with friends.  Not have to do endless loads of sweaty clothes laundry.  Eat without regard to the next workout. Did I mention the cookies?  Try new recipes.  Leave big butt imprints on my couch.  Not wear a sports bra or any sort of lycra.  Shower only once a day.  And, absolutely no sports drinks.  Just wine. Yes, December was a good month.

So here we are.  January.  I received my first schedule from ChuckieV and did a happy happy dance!  But, I was also a bit scared.  A bit.....nervous I suppose. I had mixed emotions!  Time to get in motion again.  Slowly we will build, there is plenty of time but then again, 40 weeks until Kona doesn't seem like that far away.
My Kona book.  It'll keep my workouts, nutrition notes, words of wisdom  and general randomness!

What was on the schedule for today?  A 400 time trial swim.  Seems like a brutal punishment for December doesn't it?  Well, I guess I did have the choice of Masters or the 4300 yard swim Coach prescribed that included the TT.  But Masters comes with a 4:30am (AM!!!) wake up time and so the TT was my reality for the day.  As I was trying to get ready for the day, I realized that I am also de-trained to pack my workout bag.  It took me 5 or 6 times of rethinking everything 5 or 6 times to know that I had everything (water bottle, nutrition, heart rate monitor, garmin fully charged, iPod and 2 sets of head phones, shoes, swim suit, cap/goggles, paddles, workout clothes, after-workout clothes, after workout nutrition).  2 months ago I could pack a bag in 2 minutes flat.  With my eyes closed.  And my arms tied behind my back.  OK, not really the teeth thing.

After a super secret workout session with PIC, I jumped in the water at my favorite pool - DU.  Warm-up went well, my rev-up was OK, but my times?  Yep.  It's been a while.  I started the 400, I mean really, it's only a 400 right?  First 100, good but did I take it out too hard?  At 150, I decided that yes, I took it out too hard.  Dang it, I hate it when I do that!  I felt that burn in the legs that I had forgotten about.  It has been months since I hit that zone!!  But I held on and finished even though my legs were dragging behind me after falling victim to zone 5,231.  Not a stellar time but not so bad either.

Did I mention I had to take a 1.5 hour nap after the workouts???  
Oh, how I've missed you pool....kind of....

Yes, I am now the Ironman geek that wears the numbered cap to swim.  I don't care, I'm darn proud!
It's a start.  It's a beginning.  It is January. 40 weeks.  Not that I'm counting or anything.


TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

I second the truth of Newton's law of inertia. It was way too easy to settle into a non-training routine. It's good to read how you're getting back into a training mode. Tomorrow I return to the pool. Hope I remember everything I need to put in my duffle bag.

Stay tuned...

PipTook said...

Seconded. I just returned to the pool yesterday and swam like a brick, and only swam like a slightly faster brick today. I think we're all feeling that pain right now if it makes you feel any better.