Friday, February 18, 2011

TTC Dia Dos

Friday, the TTC (Tuscon Training Camp) crew were up and at 'em early.....there was a swim and a long ride on the agenda!  CV finally woke up and we were off to the pool for another cold swim.
The one lane-line pool

Breakfast #2 and then it was off for a ride to Madera Canyon!  A planned 6 hours on the bike - the weather was warm, the sun was shining and I was NOT on my trainer.  Once again, life was good.  Except for a problem with my new saddle.  See, Kompetitive Edge set me up with a new ISM Adamo saddle.  I had tried it on my road bike and loved it so it made sense for me to put it on my TT bike since I rarely ride the road bike.  Unfortunately for me, we discovered that my TT bike has a flaw in the seat post design and my saddle couldn't be positioned with a slight downward tilt.  It actually had a slight upward tilt.  This became apparent about 1.5 hours into the ride when my hips started to hurt.  At 2.5 hours, the pain was starting to become more than an annoyance.  It shifted from my hips to my lower back and back and forth.  I stood up lots to relieve the pressure and just got through the ride.  I was outside and it was beautiful so I concentrated on that.
Love the cactus!  Errr...Cacti??

Angela, PIC and me before our ride.  Happy!  Happy!

Heading up Madera Canyon, you can see the controlled burn at the end of the climb

Chuckie pulling us back to town.  I'm on the phone. 

As we were chowing down on some Trader Joe's yumminess, CV made it a project to fix my seat - thank goodness since I wasn't quite sure how to tell Michael I needed a new TT bike to fit my saddle.  Phew - Mt. Lemmon was on the agenda for Saturday!!

Once again, we ate, showered, prepared for the next day and we had just a bit of time to talk and listen to some quality ukelele!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Glad you had a nice time out in TUcson - I was out there too the same weekend...we just did Lemmon the day before you, etc. It was awesome - of course! And, hope you got your seat worked out!