Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tucson Training Camp Dia Uno

What a weekend, or rather, 5 days that included a weekend!  After the last miserable weather month in Colorado, I finally escaped the bad weather, packed up my bike and headed south.  Coach ChuckieV hosted PIC, Lauren and me to a training camp.  The last time I went to camp, I'm pretty sure I was 13 and a girl scout.  In that camp, we rode horses, built campfires, made s'mores, and did arts and crafts.  This camp was a bit different.  I really didn't know what to expect since this was my first triathlon training camp.  Sure, the schedule said swimbikerun every day but really, I figured there would be some free time to read.  Or watch a movie.  Or comb my hair.  Or blog.  Boy, was I wrong.
At the airport waiting to escape leave Denver.  Can you see the snow in the background?
Here's how Day One played out:

We arrived in Tucson on Thursday and made our way to CV's apartment.  Of course, we were hungry and there was a MAF run test and a "moderate" swim on the agenda.  So, I figured we could have lunch and then hit the moderate swim because I certainly didn't want to run on a semi-full stomach.  Mistake.  "moderate" swim turned into something that included all out 100's.  A 400TT.  And a 200TT.  I told Ang (pro Angela Naeth - watch out for her this year folks, she's gonna storm the castle!!) that I would try not to puke on her side of the lane line (pool had one lane line).  Did I mention the pool was 70 degrees?  That makes it a wetsuit swim!!!  And, that makes it a fast swim!!!  I put up some times that I haven't seen since I was a teenager.  A 1:01 100?  A 2:09 200?  To be fair, I was incredibly see a couple of other pro triathletes showed up at the pool that are pretty good.  In addition to Ang, swimming next to me was Tim O'Donnell and current world Ironman champ Mirinda Carfrae - Boo Freakn' Yah!

Next up was the run.  This was great - my run time has been increasing steadily.  But by minutes.  CV is being very careful in building up my run mileage with my almost-past foot problems - I KNOW this is the right thing to do but I do miss "long" runs.  Thursday was the closest thing to a long run I've had since IMAZ.  The 4 amigas warmed up on the trails behind the track and then headed back to start the test.  The community college track team was winding down their workout and we started ours.  I haven't been on a track in months and it was all I could do to stay within my heart rate ranges.  But I put in 4 good miles and felt awesome.  Test results were as expected at this time of year but the sun was setting, it was a peaceful time of day, and I was in Tucson training.  Life couldn't get much better:)

A trip to Trader Joe's was up next to procure food for the next couple of days.  Eating, showers, building bikes, talking...and it was time for bed.  Friday was going to a big day and we needed some quality shut eye.

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