Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here I sit in Tucson!!!  I just got back from an evil Chuckie swim with Sonja and Angela and am pretty exhausted yet quite content.

The last 3 weeks at home have been, well, tough.  Hubs has been traveling pretty much non-stop for all of March and I've been doing my best holding down the fort.  The girls and I did pretty good!  Everyone was fed, homework done, showered, dance class, gymnastics, playdates, bedtime stories, some laundry done and even folded, and then I would have approximately 20 minutes to relax before falling asleep on the couch.  Phew!  Absolutely no time for anything else but getting my workouts done, walking puppy, sometimes showering (but I considered that optional), working on schedules and working on taxes.

So when the opportunity to pack up my bike and head out of town for some coaching abuse with PIC, I jumped and bought the airplane ticket.  We got in late Thursday night, and Friday morning built up our bikes and headed to Mt. Lemmon.  Ahhhhh, climbing bliss.  The air was a bit chilly so we only went up to Windy Point, back down, and then 2 times to mile 5 and back.  Afterwards, a nice jog and my favorite part.....a trip to Trader Joe's!

Today?  Breakfast, evil swim, second breakfast.  Some down time to blog (WOW!)  Later, we'll head to the track for a MAF test and then a spin.  Bliss!

Tomorrow?  More of the same.  Hubs is doing a great job taking care of the family plus paybacks are hell  and the puppy.  I'll be back in no time!

Happy Training!

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Bob said...

You can see text you types and then deleted - i.e. "plus paybacks are hell". It shows up as being striken out.

Luv Hubs