Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The One and Only - that’s the tagline for Wildflower and after spending 3 nights at Lake San Antonio, I have to say that’s the truth.  This race has been a bucket list race for years, you hear about the camping and the crazy people and the comraderie and the race and Nasty grade and the run and how it's the Woodstock of triathlon. And I also heard that you either hate it or love it.  Well, I LOVED it!  
After PIC and I signed up in December, Megan Killian (former Trakkers teamie - she ran support for me at Chicago Tri last year!) decided to race and then we had a bona-fide girls trip to Wildflower!  We all gathered in San Jose at PICs parents house Wednesday night, got our groceries at Trader Joe’s (surprise!!), packed up the Sportsmobile and got on the road for a 2 hour drive to Lake San Antonio.  

Please Trader Joe's, please come to Colorado....pretty please!

The girls all loaded up and ready to roll
Of course, we still had to navigate to the race site and with all the conversation and singing of camp songs, I managed to miss the first turn-off.  No worries, we got turned around and drove to the North side entrance.  Oops.  Mistake number 2.  We needed to be on the complete other side of the lake.  All told, we ended up driving almost the entire course including Nasty Grade so we had a great idea of what was awaiting us on race day.  
We found our perfect camping spot, got set up and decided to head down to packet pick-up to get our numbers, go for a swim and check things out.  The lake is gorgeous!  We stood on a dock where people were jumping in to get our wetsuits on and then realized it was the first time all of us were getting into our new TYR wetsuits.  Let the wrestling and wrangling begin!!!  I managed to stuff mysely in that darn thing and felt like I had just wrestled a gorilla.....and won:)
Sweet setup with the van
I will get you on wetsuit!

Take that wetsuit!  Megan is still fighting the good fight.

PIC and I doing our thing

I may be doing the inaugural wetsuit pee in this picture.  Or not.
Friday brought a little course recon.  It was definitely bumpy coming out of transition and we had about a mile before we hit the first big hill of the day - and it’s a big one.  It lasts about 1.5 miles so I was already planning how to ride it on Saturday.  Check this out - PIC took a picture of Megan and I climbing that hill and then a picture of the lake.  Lots of elevation gain in just 2 short miles!!  Run recon took us on the trail at mile 8 to mile 9 and we knew there was an out and back downhill/uphill for a mile each way.  And it was fully exposed - no trees.  If it was warm on race day, it would be brutal.

Nice little climb at mile 1.5!!

This point is only about 2 miles into the bike!
I cannot tell you how relaxed I was!  PIC and I travel so well together and Megan was a great addition to our team.  It was completely chill.  After we did our recon, we ate a bit and had some feet-up time.  I was just reading and listening to the wind rustle the trees and some of the conversations around us.  Then we went off to the expo for cartridges and lip balm and pink laces and silly pictures and it was feet up time again!  The campgrounds were filling up and there were loads of triathletes running around and testing their bikes. 
Silliness on the shuttle

I sure hope the girls in my age group aren't this big....

Love the pink laces and love my new KSwiss Kwicky Blade Lights!

Ahhhhh, first race of the season!!


Meredith said...

Looks like fun. I've been waiting and checking to see if you guys had posted about the race.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your awesome finish! I just saw the results for my age group and saw your name. I met you at the Pink Chase (snow angels).Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Great Job on your Second place Finish. Looks like some runners were colder than others. Now that's a skin suit.