Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rev3 Quassy Take Two

All I can say is that I LOVE wi-fi on airplanes!!  I feel so productive blogging and watching movies and shopping working while en route to Connecticut!  What I am not that excited about is traveling for the third time this month.  To be fair, I'm "extending" May......Wildflower was April 30, IM Texas May 21, and Rev3 Quassy is June 5!  Needless to say, it has been a quick turnaround from Texas and I honestly was not ready to leave my family again.  I love traveling for races and normally they are scheduled far enough out that it feels more like a vacation.  This time, it was just too close.  But no worries, I am ready (or as ready as I can be) for Quassy.

I know, I know, I said I would never race this again.  Not because it isn't a good race.  Not because it's a bad is none of these things.  In fact, if you haven't done a Rev3 race - you are missing out!  They are extraordinarily well run events and everyone working and volunteering are top notch.  I love the family/homey feeling of these races.  But the reason I swore off Quassy?  The race is brutally hard.   I mean......really really really hard!  Then again, I did flat last year.  Twice.  And because I was so worried about my tire and not finishing the ride, I "forgot" about nutrition.  And I bonked on the run.  And then I cried my eyes out at the finish.  Not pretty.  The location, however, is pretty.  It is staged right out of an amusement park  (sticking with that family-style approach) and it is greener and hillier than anything you have seen.  This year, I WILL ride the roller-coaster after the race (after riding the roller coaster bike course)!

This race is part of my Kona build-up plan.  The plan you ask?  Well, it is to really challenge myself. Do the hard races.  Do a couple of hot races.  Embrace every windy training and/or racing day - and boy, there have been lots of them this year!  I'm all in and I'm ready for Sunday.  My nutrition this year so far has been absolutely solid with First Endurance EFS and Liquid Shots and I expect another good day nutritionally Sunday.  Flats?  Well I can't control that one but I can make sure that my tires are good to go.  Oh, and if you are wondering what bike I'm riding??  Fortunately, Sonja is working Rev3 Quassy this weekend and not racing and so I will be riding her TT bike!  Yeah!!  And a new bike for me is coming......but more on that next week!  But if you would like a hint - take a look at the new sponsor on the right!!!!

So back to the movie errrr work.......More from Connecticut later!


Bret said...

Have a great race Michelle! You rock and you're to kick some butt!

PipTook said...

AHHH!!! You're getting Pink Camo, AREN'T YOU? You brat! I could only afford the Chicqilo. So jealous! (Of course I'm also not fast enough to have sponsors - *G*)

Oh yeah, and good luck at the race! It can only go better, right? :-D

Kristi said...

Have a great race at Quassy! And YAY on the new sponsor!!!

Andy said...

Have a great race this weekend! Also Susanna ( will be volunteering at Quassy this weekend as well! Can't wait to hear the race report and more about your sponsor when you get back in town :)

Caratunk Girl said...

Congrats on the race (& AG win!!!)

So great to meet you this weekend. Thanks for the hug pre-race in transition, I think it helped me PR.


You freaking rock. Can't wait to see the new bike.