Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boulder 70.3

Yippee!!  Race day tomorrow!!  The last time I toed the line was in June and I was on the brink of the shingles outbreak.....I wasn't excited to race and was pretty just ho hum about the whole thing.  But I have spent time recovering and training and I'm ready to roll and see where my fitness is.

Kind of cool to be racing in Boulder tomorrow - a new race for me in an "old" venue.  I have ridden these roads time and time again so it'll be fun to really push it on race day.  I have put lots and lots of miles on my new pretty ride since June too....and I'm looking forward to letting it roll (with all available gears) and being aggressive on my ride.  And, it's awesome to see so many athletes that have travelled here to our formerly small local race.

My bike is ready.  My bottles are made.  My numbers are in place.  And it's 2:00 in the afternoon:)  Since Michael is riding Copper Triangle today, the girls and I have been laying low - movie time coming up!  Then a light dinner and bedtime.  Let's gooooooooooooo!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Michelle.. Norm