Friday, August 19, 2011

Double Oops

Or a case of bad entry luck.  I am not blogging from age group nationals in Vermont today.  Sad but true.  I am currently in my kitchen having breakfast.  It's kinda strange though, I've raced nationals 4 years in a row and I absolutely love that race.  But I took my time in signing up this year.  Even though PIC and I had a free hotel room near the race site....we delayed actually signing up.  So a month ago when I was lying on the couch with shingles, PIC and I decided it was high time to sign up.  It was too late!!!  Sold out??!!  Oops #1.  Nationals sold out 6 weeks before the event?  What about the peeps trying to qualify within those 6weeks?

It was decided that this was a "sign" and we were not meant to race nationals this year.  We gave up the free hotel room.  And then USAT released more spots.  But it was decided, no race.  I was bummed for a bit but I wasn't crushed.  But that was a month ago when I was in a bit of "discomfort" and was questioning racing in general.  That was then.  Today I wish I was in Vermont getting ready to toe the line.  Oh well.  I'll just go swim and ride.  And get ready to CRUSH the local sprint race on Sunday.  And watch my kiddos CRUSH their triathlon tomorrow!  Not a bad substitute!

And then I messed up. Again. I had been delaying signing up for Cozumel - again as a result of last month's "discomfort".  I wasn't sure I wanted to do another Ironman just 6 weeks after Kona.  I finally committed to deciding after Boulder 70.3.  But Cozumel sold out.  Oops #2.  Sheesh.  Lesson learned!  Sign up early for the races on my schedule!

Good news is that my athletes heading to IM Florida and IM Arizona will have extra "special" attention from their coach (mwa ha ha - evil coach laughter).  And I have to figure out how I'm going to help PIC get ready for Cozumel.  Sag wagon on her long rides?  Stand-in coach on the side of the track?  Feet to follow in the pool?  Lots of possibilities!!

Good Luck to everyone racing nationals tomorrow!


Michelle Simmons said...

I was thinking about signing up for Coz too and it was still open so I waited another week and then BAM. Closed. Ugh. You snooze you lose I guess, huh? Have fun this weekend anyway!

Jamie said...

I missed ya up in VT this weekend! I had a blast and will definitely be aiming to get back in 2012.

Megan L. Killian said...

YAY Sag wagon on long rides and stand-in coaching is my theme this year :)