Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kids Triathlon Race Report

Today Isabelle and Charlotte competed in the local kids triathlon!  The girls have been training very, very seriously.  For about 3 weeks now.  Phew!  They have been swimming laps at the pool every chance they get, participating in runners club a couple of times a week where they run 2-3 miles, and they ride their bikes all the time!    

Setting up transition.  The girls were a bit nervous (and so was I!!!) but they were ready for the 50 meter swim, 1 mile bike, and 1/2 mile run.  
Charlotte and her friend Hollie (she wasn't racing but her sister was)
 On your mark, get set.......

The competition was fierce!
The girls did great on their swim but we do need to do a little bit of stroke practice!  Parents for this age group were able to help in transition.  I have to say, my kids KILLED it in T1!!  (we'll call that parental advantage)
Isabelle coming into transition from the bike.  
Isabelle passed 2 kids in T2 and another 2 on the run.  Here she is on her way to 2nd place overall in the 6-9 division!

As Charlotte left T2, she was right behind a boy.  I "gently" told her to not let him beat her! (I refrained from yelling kick his ass)  Look closely, the boy is barely in the picture above.  Nice job Char!

 Charlotte booking it to the finish!

Way to go girls!!  Isabelle finished in 13:05 barely missing 1st by 20 seconds.  Charlotte came in a couple minutes later at 16:29.  After the race, all the girls sat around and talked about their it all played out, how hard it was, what they want to do next year, what they need to improve.  I was smiling ear to ear.  

I am one proud mama today.


Kristi said...

LOVE this! Congrats to both Isabelle and Charlotte! Looks like they're both speedy like mom!

Anonymous said...

I love this post also. You don't know me but I follow you and pic's blog. You two are so inspiring and I have joined the running world because of your inspiration. I always admire how you balance your training with your family life and this post proved on how awesome you are. I would have been smiling ear to ear also.