Monday, August 22, 2011

Rattlesnake Sprint

My girls set the tone for racing this weekend and heading into the sprint yesterday, I knew I had some big errrrrr small shoes to fill!  Earlier in the week, Coach asked me to sign up for the local Rattlesnake sprint tri and who was I to say no??!  Plus, since I've got my groove back and I was just a tad bit sad I wasn't racing nationals, I was willing to race anything.  Heck, I practically altered my driver's license to see if I could get into the youth triathlon Saturday.  OK, that probably wouldn't have worked.

This is such a fun race!  It's a quick 20 minute drive from my house so I didn't have to get up before 5am (always a plus in my opinion) to get there.  Parking is easy, transition is totally chill, and it was a nice morning!   I even got to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. The only glitch in the morning was that I messed up the start time so I didn't leave enough time to get a quality swim warm-up in.

Rattlesnake has a time-trial start in reverse age order which has its pros and cons.  On the good side, the 5 second spacing means little to no drafting on the bike.  I didn't see any groups out on the course!  On the bad side, you never know where you are in your age group and the swim is a little weird too.  I just didn't feel like I could get into a good rhythm (doesn't that word just look strange?) with swimmers on the outside, inside, middle of the "lane".   Oh, and the other great thing about this race?  Wetsuit strippers!  Randi helped me out of mine and she was the best - that was the fastest I've gotten out of that wetsuit all year!

The race?  It was over before I blinked!  1:06 is a really, really quick race!  I swam longer than that this morning!  And with all this ironman training, redlining for an hour is pretty painful.  I forgot what I sound like when I'm on the edge.....something like a donkey hee-hawing:)  The family was there at the end and since it was a non-Ironman race, they all ran in with me at the end - awesome (but no picture - bummer)!
where is that finish line???
Once again, my unnamed Quintana Roo wanted to go FAST!  And we ended up with the fastest bike split for the women.  And even without a proper swim warm-up, I managed the fastest swim split too!  My efforts yielded a 2nd overall and 1st age group.  Not bad for an hour's worth of work!

Kompetitive Edge was out there supporting the race and it's always great to see teamies Ryan, Brandon, Bob and Scott!  Way to represent KE!

Now back to our regular schedule of Ironman training...a couple of BIG weeks coming up, Harvest Moon half in 3 weeks, and the final push to KONA.  Holy moly, I can't believe we are almost there.

Happy Training!


Kate C. said...

Congrats on the second place finish! Onto more important things like why is your bike still unnamed?

Erin said...

It was great to see you Sunday :) GL with your build and Kona!

Veronica B. said...

1:06 for a sprint? Holy CRAP! I'm still trying to break 1:20 (getting close!).

Have to laugh though - as a former miler my definition of redlining is not something you can maintain for over an hour. I call my best (not blowing up) sprint pace "Very hard tempo." (And yes, that's AFTER HIM training.)

There's a reason my coach leashes me to a Garmin even for sprints. LOL.