Sunday, September 25, 2011

1 Week

I cannot believe that in just 1 short week, I'll be sitting on a plane headed to Hawaii!!  A few weeks ago I was nervous about leaving and saw the date as overwhelming - like it was looming on the horizon.  But after a good couple of weeks of training and realizing that I AM READY, and I am going to HAWAII, I find myself getting more and more excited!

To say I have Kona on the brain is an understatement.  A friend may be talking about something completely different, like say, politics or the economy, and I'll jump in with the weather forecast for Kona.  Which looks something like this......

Sunny with isolated showers in the morning....then partly sunny with scattered showers in the afternoon.  Haze through the day.  Highs to 87.  Southwest winds around 10mph shifting to the west in the late morning and afternoon.  Chance of rain 20%.

every single day.  Sounds a lot like paradise to me.

PIC and I are totally geeking out on everything Kona.  It is great because we can do all the nerdy triathlon things that only triathletes want to do and we don't have to drag our families with us!  Coffee boat, stalking looking for pros (shouldn't be too hard to do in Kona right?), meet up with all our twitter/blogger friends, meet Macca, take an open water swim clinic, find the KSwiss house, find the Oakley booth, see how much schwag we can come up with:)  And, see how much quality feet up time we can get too.  (I promise Chuckie, just see how good I can get at relaxing)

PIC gets in Saturday and is tasked with finding a farmers market (can anyone help with this one?), I get in Sunday.  We have a cute little condo that is billed as a "romantic getaway"......and I promised to hold PICs hand on a walk.  Not like we haven't done that before:)
Nationals in 2008 I believe despite what the picture date says.

It's true, I've already started packing!  But leave no doubt - I'll be panicked on Saturday with packing!  Not quite sure how I manage that every single time I travel but at least I know what's going to happen.

Anywho, it's a lazy Sunday morning here after yesterday's near-epic ride to Poudre River and last brick.  It's going to be hot today - darn near 87 so I'm putting off my run for a few hours to make sure it is nice and warm.  Then a swim.  Then a get-together with some peeps that have signed up for IMCDA.  Good times!


goSonja said...

oh my gosh, I remember that like it was yesterday... oh my gosh...oh my gosh...luv ya pic!!!

Veronica B. said...

I love that picture! Sonja's all "Do you MIND, we're having a private moment here." :-D

Good luck! I know you're going to rock it!

Unknown said...

Yippee for confidence!!! So glad you are feeling good and ready!! Can't wait to watch you rock it in KONA!!

Unknown said...

have an amazing time in KONA and enjoy your romantic get-a-way!! :)