Friday, October 21, 2011


The case for #1111......

A few weeks before the big race, I checked bib numbers online and found mine.  #1111.  I loved this number!  I mean, c'mon, how cool is that number?  At the time I figured with that kind of number juju, only good things would happen on race day.  Makes sense right?  Check out the numerology on 1111 (thanks Karlyn!)!!

On race day, I was never really alone out there - I had so many comments on my number.  Cool number, lucky number, awesome number, even one - that was my number last year and I had a great day!  But I really didn't expect the number to foretell my race time.

11:11:11 (enter freaky, spooky twilight zone type music)
See, if I had known that race number = race time, I would have calmly contacted the Ironman officials and told them that there was some sort of mistake.  My number should be somewhere in the 1030 - 1058 range.

You want to know something else a little strange about the number 1111??  Hubs' birthday is November 11.....11/11.



Big Daddy Diesel said...

OK, that is freaking cool

Jamie said...

That is just freaky!

Maggs said...

That's pretty cool.

Helen said...

Really freaky! :)