Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

Today was just another great day in Paradise!  ONe of the benefits of not sleeping in is the early morning run on Ali'i Drive.  Is there any better way to wake up then to see scantily clad, incredibly fit athletes running and riding their bikes?  I think not.  

What else have I have been up to?

Well, there was the swim clinic with Karlyn Pipes-Nielson.  She is an incredibly fast swimmer and an incredibly good teacher!  We talked swim strategy and swim start logistics.  We did in-water drills that looked pretty silly but were very effective.  We swam on the break and watched the surfers on the waves.  It was a great couple of hours in the water and I'm pretty excited that I am finally confident in the position I will be starting at on Saturday!  And yes, I am not telling!

By the way, Karlyn is coming to the Denver area at the end of the month - if you are near the area I highly recommend you attend this clinic.  You and your swimming will benefit!!

Then it was registration time!!!  It's all fun and games until you get to registration and realize that Saturday is just getting closer and closer and closer and closer.....
All fun and games.......

I got a little case of the "nerves"
Ohhhhh, the wristband!  (that I will wear for the next month:)

After registration, PIC and I hit up the Basik Acai Cafe.  Holy moly this place is good.  Think healthy superfood smoothie in a bowl with yummy fruit and nuts.  I think we'll be here everyday.

A little bike action in the afternoon, an Ironman Focus group discussion (sorry, signed a NDA can't talk about it), and  dinner with KE teamies Kendra and Grant and that about wraps up the day!

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Unknown said...

amazing :)
Getting excited to follow you and Sonja this weekend!! WOOO HOOO