Monday, October 3, 2011


Finally, finally, finally I am in K to the Ona!  Traveling is always just a bit stressful for me - or at least getting ready to travel.  But with some help of a good pack list and a good husband I got it all done in plenty of time.  It was just time to go!  Michael and the girls and the dog Kona dropped me at the airport yesterday morning and as soon as I sat down on the plane - I smiled, looked at the window and completely chilled out.

PIC met me at the airport with a couple of fragrant lei's!  Yes, it's true.  I got lei'd.  Hardy har har....giggle giggle.  The sun was setting as we drove back to the condo on Ali'i drive and even though it was Sunday, there was definitely Ironman in the air.  People riding their tri bikes, sprinting jogging down Ali'i, swimming at the pier.

I managed to stay awake until almost 9!!  But I was up at 2 with a silly little cough that my cold last week has left me with.  Stupid cough kept me awake for an hour.  But, I fell back asleep and stayed in bed til 5.  Not bad for the first night in Hawaii.

This morning had some serious fun!  PIC and I met up with some twitter/blogger friends at the pier for a swim.  This was so cool - first just to meet these great gals (Michelle, Beth, Nalani, Katie, Libby) in person and second, to swim the course in a group!  We held a decent pace on the way out but I was just so happy to be surrounded by these women.  Out in the middle of the ocean:)  The water is so clear that you can see bubbles and feet all around.  I let the other gals do the spotting and I just settled into a nice groove and looked at the fishies really concentrated on my stroke.  The current was against us on the way back and we just had to make sure not to run into any of the outgoing swimmers.
Michelle, Katie, Beth, Me, Sonja - Thanks TYR for the Kona cap and goggles!!
Sunrise in the water!

No real purpose of this picture EXCEPT to show how CLEAR the water is!

Same with this one.
Post swim with Peter
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After a nice breaky I went for a little jog and started dripping sweat about 45 seconds into it.  Then it was adventure time!!  We needed to procure a pineapple and figured a road side fruit stand was the best way to accomplish this - success!!   You put da lime in da coconut and drink it all up!!
Most of the other runners were running sub 6:30s down Ali'i.  I did not.  But I had my own photographer!
There's my photographer!
Breaking open the coconut - he seriously squeezed a lime into it.  Delish!

Snorkel time!

Puffer fish

A south swell moved in early this afternoon and snorkeling was a bit murky.  But we saw a honu and all was good.  A spin, some yummy dinner at Lava Java, froyo and the day is complete.  It's almost 8 and I'm ready for bed. long can I stay up tonight?

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