Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Random Kona stuff....
I don't care what anyone says.....mai tais are the best way to start offseason.

Stalking Crowie at our hotel the day after the race.  Thanks for posing for us!!  
After a week of just OK sunsets, the day after the race finally brought a great sunset to Kona.
Ouch.  Just ouch.  Kids....don't try this at home!  You can tell where I put on the sunscreen and where I thought I was already covered.  
My beautiful girls!!
A week in Maui was exactly what was needed for Ironman recovery!  Although I couldn't do much since my toe and feet were a wreck.  Too bad our condo was on the 5th floor.  And the best way to get to the beach/pool involved climbing/descending the 5 flights of stairs (88 total stairs in case you were wondering).  But, I'd huff and puff, take some aid and finally reach the top of the stairs.  I was expecting Mike Reilly there each time saying something like...Michelle ford, you just walked up 5 flights of stairs 2 days after your Ironman!!!!
I really had no idea I booked a plane this small.  So small they couldn't fit my bike.  Hmmmmm.....UPS Cargo took care of that little problem!
The girls are at such a fun age!  They could play in the waves all day every day.  They learned to boogie board and body surf.  Got wrecked by a couple of bigger waves.  They snorkeled.  And when they weren't at the beach, they were in the pool.  All in all lots of fun.  This vacation marked another first, I read an entire book while on vacation!!  The last time that happened was about 9 years ago:)
A good day playing in the waves - asleep before dessert!

Where's the next wave?

So what have I been doing since arriving back in Colorado?  There's been a bit of this and that but for the most part the answer is.....not much.  I swam once more in the ocean before leaving Hawaii and haven't been in the water since.  My dog is VERY happy since we've been going on lots of walks together.  I even went for a little jog - twice.  My bike is patiently waiting for me but, well, it just hasn't happened yet.
No purpose of this sunset picture here.  Just love looking at it.
Today brought a yoga class which was, well, embarrassing for me.  You see, I haven't lifted a weight or done a lunge or even a warrior pose for what seems like 9 months or so.  OK, it's actually been longer.  So I'm a bit wobbly, weak, and unbalanced.  And what I discovered today is that my core strength is OK, but I have lots of weakness in my right arm and shoulder.  Total bummer since that was the area the shingles targeted back in July.  The doctor had warned me about this but since I was swimming just fine, I thought she didn't know what she was talking about.  Oops. Turns out, I do have some weakness in that area.  Oh well.  Another thing to add to the "work on during winter" list.  
Another sunset picture.  
I've been cooking lots more too (family is very happy).  Trying new recipes and ingredients.  But last night was a first.  I had to throw away the entire batch of black bean chile I made!!  Apparently, I read the recipe wrong and added 1/2 can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce - the first time I have cooked with them.  The recipe actually said 1-2 of those hot little suckers.  Anywho, the chili was so spicy hot that I started sweating, my lips were burning and my sinuses completely cleared out.  Michael was a trouper and tried to eat it......and then put up the white flag!  You can't underestimate the importance of reading a recipe correctly or at least understanding the heat content of the peppers you are using!!

My closet is waiting to be cleared out and I have all of my garage/bike/run stuff to go through at some point.  Basically cleaning up the remnants of the 2011 season and getting my life back in order.  But I am relaxed.  I am happy.  I am NOT stressed about NOT working out.  I am doing the things I want to do when I want to do them.  There is no compulsion.  No anxiety.  I think that for the first time in years, I am actually enjoying an offseason!

Of course, all things come to an end and 2012 planning is in the works!!  And, my daughter reminded me the other night.....mommy, if you keep eating candy corn and drinking wine you won't race fast next year.  Dang, that coming from my 6 year old.  Off season will come to an end soon.  But not until I finish that bag of candy corn:)


Unknown said...

I love reading about your humanness!! Sometimes I think you are just fast, fast, and then you tell me about candy corn! ;) So glad you are embracing the off-season. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I just got our photo book yesterday, and my kids are dying to go back they loved it so much. Glad you are having a good off-season. I have been cleaning out tons of stuff, too. Feels good.