Friday, October 14, 2011

We interrupt the race report....

It's not that I'm avoiding writing a race report, there are just so many other things to do right now!!  We (my parents, sister, kids and hubs) headed to Maui on Monday for a post-Ironman vacation thingamajig.  And we've been having a blast.  I rarely look at email but have made sure to keep up with my athletes.  I check twitter every now and again but my youngest has learned my phone password and has "adopted" my phone.  My mangled toe has kept me from doing some fun stuff - like playing in the waves - but I am loving the snorkeling with my girls.  They are also now old enough that we can just let them play in the pool while we relax on chairs reading....without watching every single move they make.  Wow - 9 years in the making!!  In addition, I have been reintroduced to Stella, Longboard, and Cakebread.  And oh chocolate how I have missed thee!!!

So, the race report is coming......but basically I swam, then biked, and then "ran".  My little brain has also been thinking ahead, like do I want to do that again?  And I have answers.


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Unknown said...

can't wait!!
i stalked you all day-along with sonja, chrissie, angela, mary....
hope your toe feels better :)