Wednesday, November 23, 2011


NO, I didn't race it......although I kinda wished I had!!  I was there though and I have to say, it was fantastic spectating.

One of my athletes, Peter, was doing his first Ironman and I just couldn't stay away (or mini-vacation....whatever).  I wanted to see him succeed in his first IM and to experience the day from a spectator point of view.  Some people don't like spectating......I happen to love it.  It is such a great experience for me to watch IM from the outside, to be the supporter, to take the pictures, to stress out over (OMG it sucks), and to watch the action from the outside.  And knowing what it's like being on the inside of the "athlete's only" side of the fence makes spectating that much more emotional for me.  It reinforces why I love this sport, why I spend oodles of time training, why I compete.  Yes, it makes me just a little bit more hungry for 2012.

Not only did I spectate but I was able to catch up with Punky for a bit the day before the race.  He gave Peter some spectacular advice like consuming an entire pie in transition (apparently they are in the same age group) and drafting is totally OK.  Fortunately, Peter doesn't listen that well:)
Yet another picture proving how vertically challenged  I am
And, after lunch, I was invited to participate in a photo shoot for 3/GO magazine!!  It's for their "Real Profile" series and what can I much fun is it to have your picture taken by renowned photographer Larry Rosa!!  I hope I didn't have any boogers hanging out my nose (yes, I've had a cold) or any salad left in my teeth.  Assuming that's all good I'm hoping these pictures turn out OK!!!

Spectating is as hard as it ever was but the day was perfect!!  My athlete executed a spectacularly perfect race and had an amazing experience.  As a coach, there is nothing more that you can ask for!!  

And just so you know, his number was 2289 and his time was NOT 22:89!!!

The 2012 race schedule is being finalized and I am excited.  Details will come shortly!! IMAZ 2012 is NOT in the schedule but I really wanted to put my hat in. In the meantime, I am still excelling at the "off-season".  I finally dusted off my bike and have taken it out for a few spins.  And I have jumped in the pool a few times.  It's all good:)!!  But I am getting a bit antsy to get back at it.  Time off is good.  Time off is good!!!

It's almost December so it must be time for another blog makeover.  I've decided to get rid of the 80's day-glo pink:)!!

OK, time for a completely random thought.....the new Twilight movie sucks.  There, I said it.  I've been looking forward to this movie since Breaking Dawn was my favorite book.  The movie though is awful.  Or maybe I'm over it.  Still firmly on Team Edward. My, my Jacob is a moody wolf:)


Jennifer Harrison said...

Hi Michelle!!! Glad you enjoyed spectating AZ! Sorry we did not meet! Enjoy your off season! ;). Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Did you have Slices Pizza on Mill Ave? My favorite pizza joint in Arizona