Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Believe......

It's true, if you don't believe you don't receive!!

I have been wandering aimlessly around for the last couple of months.  Hanging out with my kids and hubs.  Eating cookies.  Drinking vino (sometimes drinking too much vino....).  Finalizing my crew of athletes for next year.  And thinking about my own 2012 and what I want to accomplish.  I'm lucky in a way, as soon as I crossed the Kona finish line I knew I wanted to go back and give it another go.  I just needed to figure out how to get there. But after a long racing season marked with yet another foot injury, a painful shingles episode, and somewhat OK results (due to that silly foot), I also wanted to go about this training business a bit differently.

After Kona, Chuckie and I parted ways and that left me with a couple of I find a new coach?  Do I self coach?  Do I throw in the towel (actually not an option)?  It was clear to me from the get-go that I needed outside assistance.  For the same reason that athletes hire me to coach them.....I need a firm direction/plan from someone other than me. I know how to help athletes achieve their goals.  But it is incredibly difficult to apply that knowledge to  me.  I let myself off too easy.  Sometimes I push myself too hard.  Clearly, I know what to do. I just do it better when I am accountable to someone else.  Plus, it's always fun, interesting and weird to learn and adjust to a new system.  My triathlon life is just better when I have someone other than me directing my workouts.

So, I did a bit of research, soul-searching and found a coach.  I'm not going into any detail (for now) except for how I came to believe......

All I wanted for Christmas was a schedule......and after the Christmas morning madness with the family, I went and opened up my email.  And what did I discover?  Sent late on Christmas Eve, after I had gone to bed, Santa (Coach) sent a schedule starting on 12/26.  It was EVERYTHING I wanted for Christmas!!!
Pretty much how I felt with a new schedule!!
The kids were hilarious with Just Dance for Kids!

Ho Ho I go!

Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds.  There's learning a new workout language (part German, part abbreviations, part percentages).  There's adjusting to being on a schedule again.  There's the actual scheduling part.....kiddos at home and holidays and commitments and hubs.  There's putting on my shorts that now fit a lot bit tighter than they did the last time they were on.  Coach has asked for patience as we get to know each other and I am keeping a positive attitude.

Change is good.  Change is Great!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey there!!  I'm baaa-ck!!  What have I been up to these last few days weeks?  A bit of this and a bit of that.  And a lot of spinning my wheels - but not on the bike.  There are plenty of Christmas goodies around the house and we are having lots of pre-holiday fun.  And there are all sorts of things that I want to get done like redesigning my blog.  But then I sit there looking at all the templates and an hour goes by and I am no further along the process than when I started.  Well, maybe a little further along but not by much.  So, maybe this week I'll get it done.  Or really commit to the process.  Whatever.

Today I officially announce myself back "in-season".  Ok, officially it will be December 26.  But I am officially back to somewhat regular blatherings on this blog.  I am also going to declare that I achieved the Best.Offseason.Ever.  If there is an award, it's mine.  I am detrained, out of shape, and just a little bit overweight (a Christmas cookie intervention is also in the works).  In fact, because I have taken this off-season so seriously I am getting over yet another cold. Clearly a sign I am NOT taking the usual care with myself.  I have been excelling at shopping (with PIC - who knew?), cooking, drinking, eating, and lots of other stuff that has nothing to do with training.

Off-season is over!!!  Yippee!!!  Yes, there is a big race on the horizon and I am super excited to batten down the hatches and do everything I can to meet my goals.  Maybe I'll even update my race schedule when (if) I redesign my blog.

It's all good though.  This is the first time in I'm not sure how long I have taken significant time "off".  I don't think I have ever taken this much time to recharge and refresh.  But I did it.  It's just time to get back to swimbikerun.  And ski.  Workouts have been at an all-time minimum.  But my swim is fine albeit slooooooooow.  Bike is a bit weak - I finally got on the trainer and discovered that my saddle sit bones are a bit, say...out of shape?  Anywho, I still LOVE my ISM saddle, it's just that I have to get back on said saddle.  And then my run.  This is a surprise to me so far -  its pretty good! (more on this in the next post - it deserves it's own post!!)

So yes, off-season is over.  Cookie intervention about to begin.  Time to get rid of my winter insulation (even if it is still winter).

Happy Holidays!!