Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Training!

I totally meant to put this one up last week......but hey, a week later isn't that bad right???

What to do, what to do....an hour fifteen run to be accomplished and the snow is falling!  Friday morning I woke up to, like, 9 inches of snow on my driveway and drifts 3x that big on my street.  School had been cancelled the night before and there was also a ride on the schedule.  And, of course, I left my bike and skewer at PIC's (she has the ultimate sweet/sweat trainer room!!!).

The snow kept falling but I had an opportunity - take Michael's 4-wheel drive, rescue the bike, and go for a snow run!!!
Kona in the distance, Sonja and an ice/snow covered road
It's pretty cool to be able to run outside even in a winter storm warning!  You had to be dressed for it....yak trax, 2xtights (wish that had been me), wind vest, several layers, hat and gloves.  Prepared!!  For the first time, I brought Kona my doggie on our run - she was thrilled.

Kona-dog in the backyard
Off we went and it was blowing!!  You don't really ever notice the wind until it's coming straight at you and it was cold (zero degrees???  negative something or another??)!  But no worries, onward!

Anyway, it turned out to be a fabulous run.  Cherry Creek Rez was deserted - we saw like 4 cars total the entire time we were out there (the car occupants looked at us like we were nuts).  So the three girls ran in the middle of the road - it was iced over with little snow drifts.  Kona was such a good girl!!!  She's turning into a great little running dog, she lead the entire time and kept a great pace.

That's just how we roll in Colorado on a snow day:)!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Trainer Sillyness

Things that may (or may not) have been said today......

Hold on, let me get my strap-on!

Dang, I can't get it up!

If I go that fast, I won't last 15 minutes!

OK, naughty minds, here's how it really played out:

Hold on, let me get my strap-on (Michelle while putting her heart rate strap on)

Dang, I can't get it up (Michelle sometimes has a hard time getting her heart rate up at the end of  a big training block)

If I go that fast, I won't last 15 minutes (Sonja trying to increase her cadence from 80 to 90rpms)

Sometimes, we really do have too much fun:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Race Schedule

After several revisions........here it is.....my 2012 race schedule!!!  OK, it's only finalized through the beginning of August but it's a schedule!

So, why the revisions?  Well, at first I was planning on racing Eagleman in June.  PIC and I were going to travel out to Maryland and try a "new to us" 70.3.  We signed up last August!!  But I really wanted to go (and race) Ironman CDA since so many of my friends and athletes were racing.  Fortunately for me, a race fee entry fairy showed up on my doorstep and voila.....I'm in CDA.  Of course, new coach nixed the Eagleman/CDA back-to back (well, 2 weeks apart) and since CDA will have a few more Kona slots.....that's where I'm headed.  Plus, it's a "new to me" race.  I am incredibly excited!!!  Now I get to join all my friends (Tyler, Keith, Beth, John, etc. etc. etc.) and my athletes (Justin, Peter, Kirsten).

Of course, this lead to the question of the early season race.  Well, I decided last year that I would NOT travel alone to a race again.  Sure, it was fine.  And the race was awesome.  But I do this sport for fun and to be around people I know and enjoy.  And traveling to a race ALONE is not fun.  It's kinda boring and kinda feels like work.  I was so psyched at the end of the race when I finally caught up with friend Ang.....but that was it.  So, where can one race an early-season 70.3?  Not in Colorado.  Hmmmmm.

The CDA friends group is racing Rev3 Knoxville (a fine choice I might add) and I was thinking about that.  I needed a race so that was the initial decision.

And then Friday happened.  It started with a therapy session with PIC.  And a whim decision by PIC (can you say CDA!!!).  And then she dropped the "New Orleans 70.3" race into the conversation.  Huh????  Did you say New Orleans?  Don't they have beignets there?  A place I've always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity?  A 70.3 "new to us" race?  Well, that just put the fun back in early season.  I am sooooooo excited!!!!!!

April will be New Orleans.  There is nothing planned for May (yet).  June is all about CDA.  July will be all about recovering from CDA and hanging out with my kiddos while they are out of school.  August brings Boulder 70.3.  After that it's a bit unclear.  While I would love to head to USAT Nationals in Vermont I don't think that will happen.  Do you know what a pain in the rear it is just to get to Vermont from here???  More than likely there will be a local Olympic race.  And then who knows?  Vegas in September?  Kona in October?  Whatever the season brings I am ready to experience it!!

Can you give me a woot woot??  Have I mentioned how excited I am??!!