Friday, February 10, 2012

Trainer Sillyness

Things that may (or may not) have been said today......

Hold on, let me get my strap-on!

Dang, I can't get it up!

If I go that fast, I won't last 15 minutes!

OK, naughty minds, here's how it really played out:

Hold on, let me get my strap-on (Michelle while putting her heart rate strap on)

Dang, I can't get it up (Michelle sometimes has a hard time getting her heart rate up at the end of  a big training block)

If I go that fast, I won't last 15 minutes (Sonja trying to increase her cadence from 80 to 90rpms)

Sometimes, we really do have too much fun:)


Ransick said...

Haha, hopefully there was a "that's what she said" thrown in ther after a couple of those comments :-).

Unknown said...

:) gotta keep it fun, right??
silly girls....

goSonja said...

Michelle Ford = best daytime spouse ever!

Veronica B. said...

Heehee...I'm so jealous you have a PIC to spend all those hours on the trainer with! I end up talking to my cats. Definitely gotta keep it entertaining while we're stuck indoors!