Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You know

you are up to your eyeballs in Ironman training when....

Hunger and grumpy meter are at an all-time high
Patience at all time low
You wash all your workout clothing and 1 day later the basket is full again.  And you are hungry.
Sometimes the sniff and go method is just best for determining "cleanliness"
You start using the salt residue on your face as an exfoliant
You find out after several long rides which bike shorts are your favorite and which ones are the work of the devil
Saddle sores are now a part of everyday conversation
You buy bowls that help you shovel your food in more efficiently than a regular bowl (ahem, PIC)
Your bike just stays in the back of your car as does all your other gear......mobile training center
The tan lines on your face look a lot like cap and goggles
Sometimes not being able to light the grill makes you cry
Someone stealing your water bottle at 1:50 into your long run reduces you to tears and a panic attack
You wish you lived in a house that had no stairs
You wish you lived in a grocery store with no stairs
The dentist is going to be pissed off the next time you come in due to all the sugary sports drinks and gels you have been consuming
Your sense of time becomes distorted......my workout today is ONLY 3 hours long, it's practically a rest day!
Road kill bingo is a "fun" game on long rides (snake, bird, mouse, bunny, squirrel, prairie dog, skunk)
Grandmas pass you on your long run/ride
You no longer go to ModMarket for lunch because you are always on your bike
Your family and friends only want to see you if you've been fed recently (like the last 10 minutes)
Your cycling spouse has smoother legs than you

Now I am tired and want to go to bed.....it's 5:30.  And I'm hungry:)  What did I miss in my list?


Beth said...

Hmmm...this all sounds oddly familiar... ;) Almost there!!! :)

Emily K said...

the laundry you just washed is strewn about your bedroom because you haven't had time to fold it yet, and you won't have time to fold it before you need it next.
matching Garmin/RoadID tanlines

PipTook said...

Oh man, I'm up to my eyeballs in IMLP training and these ALL apply. THIS is why I haven't updated my blog in months.

Meredith said...

Having switched back over to pure running, sometimes I miss this much training. I almost wish I could be running a whole lot more to feel this.

You're almost there, Michelle. Can't wait to track you guys next month!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

This all sounds completely normal to me (hangs head)

Katie said...

Yep, definitely can relate. My grumpy meter is HIGH and I am constantly waking up at 2 am starved.

Katie said...

....you spend the last 45 minutes of your long run looking in the bushes for gels because you forgot to zip the pocket of your shorts. hello, wednesday, you win.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Isn't that truth! HANG in there, Michelle...soon, very soon!!! :)