Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ironman Broke Me

Dear Gawd, where do I even start this post??  Let's see, I left off with the whole intercostal/ab pain on my right side.  I vaguely mentioned a chest X-ray.  And I don't think I said anything about a sore foot.  Where to begin.....

These last few weeks have been oh so tough for me!  But, before I go wallowing in any type of self-pity and poor poor me.......the troubles that I have been experiencing are NOTHING/TRIVIAL compared to what happened - the tragedy - in my town on Thursday night.  So, really, I know this is just my core.  Just my foot.  But - I do have my health, my family and friends, my dog, my house, my athletes - I can go on and on here about all the GOOD in my life!

OK, let's just sum up the whole Portland "incident".  An ER visit, a healthy gallbladder, good pain meds and a chest X-ray that showed a spot on my left lung.  What?  The big "C" scare sure put the ab pain in perspective.  But it was something else that was wrong with me.  Waiting for the results of the follow-up CT Scan was horrible.  All the what-ifs.  What if I have CANCER?  What happens?  What if I have to have a biopsy?  What if what if what if what if.....I was a wreck waiting to hear!  Finally I got the call that it was clear.  Phew!  But wait, the CT Scan revealed a small lesion on my liver (I believe they said it had the CU logo stamped on it) so that ordeal is not yet over.  I'm waiting for the ultrasound that was taken in Portland to be sent to my doc but getting records released has been a huge pain in the arse.

While all this was happening, I had pain in my right foot.  I had taken a full week off after CDA and reluctantly (because mentally I wasn't ready) went for a run on day 8.  Besides being pathetically slow with an outrageously high heart rate, the top of my foot was a bit achy.  I thought it might have been related to my shoes being laced too tight in CDA.  Day 9 I went out for another little run, same pain but it didn't stop me.  Day 11?  Stopped me with mucho pain at mile 1 and had to hobble back to my car.  WTF?

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been treated for the ab pain and the foot pain.  Finally I freaked out and had an X-ray done on the foot.  Inconclusive.  Had another one done a few days later.  Still negative for a stress fracture.  But, Dr. Ken and Dr. Stull decided to treat it like a stress know....looks like a stress fracture, acts like a stress fracture (3rd metatarsal).  I've never had one before so I don't know if this is how it feels.  I've been in the boot for the last week and although I absolutely loved Dr. Stull and his positive outlook, I am definitely out of Boulder.  So bummed as that was my one local race!!!

As you might imagine, no swimming and no running makes Michelle a very unhappy girl (as I type this all I can think about is Jack Nicholson in The Shining).  Hubs always seems to have a glass of vino waiting for me. PIC took me out for a Boulder day last week and that was an awesome break.  There was a nice long ride (and cinnamon rolls) to Glen Haven on Friday with PIC and new friends Jocelyn and Jeremy.  Well not really Jeremy cuz we roll way too slow for him.  And tomorrow the Vail/Aspen/Vail adventure begins with this same crew.

It's also been a constant question of - what did I do wrong?  Everything went extraordinarily well in the build-up to CDA.  I hadn't been sick since a minor cold in February.  No injuries.  I followed the Dirkinator plan to the "T".  I.Was.Healthy.  There are no answers for now but I will keep looking for them!  But I did lay it all down in CDA - I pushed myself harder than I had in my previous Ironmans.  Thank goodness my pain cave was well decorated since I spent some quality time in there.  Ironman broke me:(

There is some good news though!  I swam 2800m today!  And with minimal discomfort.  A HUGE shout out to Stephanie Shober at Whole Health Center.  Some wonderful people commented after my last post and recommended acupuncture (thank you!) so I went to see my dear friend (and acupuncturist) Steph.  Immediate relief on my intercostal/ab stuff!!  After the 1st appointment I was finally able to breathe deeply without pain.  Wow!  Now I am almost pain/discomfort free:)  I know I'll be all healed up as soon as I can sleep on my left side without waking up with an ouch.

To sum up July (so far):
1 ER Visit
1 Ultrasound
1 Chest X-ray
1 CT Scan
2 Foot X-rays
Another potential ultrasound 
Countless caregiver appointments

Boulder is out, Vegas is still in play, and the big goal is Kona.  My foot is healing (I think??), my side is good, I'm sure the liver thing-y will be fine.  No whining. Life is good:)


Michelle Simmons said...

Crap!! Sorry to hear all that! Hope you get all healed up soon!

Helen said...

So glad to know you are on the mend and back training! Have fun riding 100 miles each way to Aspen!

Beth said...

Yikes! When it rains it pours. :( Sounds like things are a bit on the mend. Thinking of you lots Michelle! Hope the weekend biking adventure helps to cheer you up!

Ange said...

Oh man.... So so sorry!!!!! Will be thinking of you!

Katie said...

Yikes, how frustrating! Hope you heal up soon and have a great weekend biking adventure!

Veronica B. said...

Ouch! Sending healing thoughts your way. Same thing here - trained well, trained hard, never got sick. Luckily MY aftermath is only a nasty virus.

Get better soon! Look at it as a mini off-season so you can be extra fresh to rock it HARD at Vegas and Kona.

Hillary said...

Hooray for acupuncture! It's my cure-all.

LittleRachet said...

I think I went into a Z2 HR just reading everything!! Glad to hear things are on the upswing for you!!! Fingers crossed than you have smooth roads heading into October!

GoBigGreen said...

Yes keep a positive mental attitude, I had a hard time two nights in a row doing that but i think you are over the hurdle, and maybe even a good change of shoes will help? Those Stress reactions are hard to pick up so better to be safe. Hang in there. I wish i could wine but i m doped up for a day or two so no wine:) ha.

Erin said...

Michelle, we do NOT need to be injury twins.... I'm on 2.5 months with my heel stress fx, probably another 3 weeks in my boot. At least we can both ride our bikes.

Anonymous said...

Go Michelle... See you in Kona.. Norm