Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well, this has been an interesting way to start race week!  Rather than heading to Kona right away and due to unknown school vacations at the time and if I'd even be competing in Kona - we are in Maui.  I am resting up with absolutely no men in speedos and no obvious triathletes in sight.  I had to remind myself yesterday that I am actually doing an IRONMAN on Saturday!!  It's time to put the race plan together....yes, snap back to reality Oh there goes gravity.  Yes, I'm tapering.

So we left town in 35 degree weather on Saturday and arrived in Maui some 12 hours later.  Sunday I had my last "big" day - a 2.5 hour bike and a run-off.  My dad and I headed out to do my favorite West Maui Loop.  Not very flat and really pretty turn-y but it is absolutely awesome!
Starting to get a bit warm
Love riding right next to the ocean!

The blowhole from a distance
We ended up our first day here at Kimo's to celebrate Isabelle's 10th birthday with a HUGE slice of Hula Pie.

Yesterday the kiddos spent quality time on the beach in the morning while I went for a swim out to Black Rock.  I can't believe I didn't tuck a camera in my speedsuit because I saw so much cool ocean stuff, the highlight being 2 honu and 6 spotted sting rays!

Then it was adventure time, we hiked down to the Nakelele blowhole and then to the Olivine Pools.

Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without an awesome sunset, courtesy of the vog!


Michelle Simmons said...

Sounds like you're having a blast over there! That west maui loop is indeed a super cool ride! Perfect way to spend race week- no stress... no pressure!

GoBigGreen said...

Good luck Michelle:) I love the name Isabelle!

Anonymous said...

I was checking for an update on your results but was delighted to see the family photos. I tried to find the results on the web but couldn't. Oh well, I shall keep checking the blog and hoping there will also be more pictures of the girls.

Uncle Greg