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亚搏通道APP  Emily did not trust herself in the chamber, where St. Aubert died; and, after half an hours conversation with La Voisin and his family, she left the cottage.

  Was that clearly made out?

  I had always heard, sir, that you were a very intelligent man,said he. I could take you round now if you have the time.Unfortunately, I have not. But these specimens are so well labelledand classified that they hardly need your personal explanation. If Ishould be able to look in to-morrow, I presume that there would beno objection to my glancing over them?  I deserve it! Yes, I deserve it! I have been nothingbut a truant and a vagabond. I have never obeyed anyoneand I have always done as I pleased. If I were only likeso many others and had studied and worked and stayedwith my poor old father, I should not find myself here now,in this field and in the darkness, taking the place of afarmers watchdog. Oh, if I could start all over again!But what is done cant be undone, and I must be patient!

  The Count, meanwhile, had returned to the supper-room, whither those of the party, who had attended him to the north apartment, had retreated, upon hearing Dorothees scream, and who were now earnest in their enquiries concerning those chambers. The Count rallied his guests on their precipitate retreat, and on the superstitious inclination which had occasioned it, and this led to the question, Whether the spirit, after it has quitted the body, is ever permitted to revisit the earth; and if it is, whether it was possible for spirits to become visible to the sense. The Baron was of opinion, that the first was probable, and the last was possible, and he endeavoured to justify this opinion by respectable authorities, both ancient and modern, which he quoted. The Count, however, was decidedly against him, and a long conversation ensued, in which the usual arguments on these subjects were on both sides brought forward with skill, and discussed with candour, but without converting either party to the opinion of his opponent. The effect of their conversation on their auditors was various. Though the Count had much the superiority of the Baron in point of argument, he had considerably fewer adherents; for that love, so natural to the human mind, of whatever is able to distend its faculties with wonder and astonishment, attached the majority of the company to the side of the Baron; and, though many of the Counts propositions were unanswerable, his opponents were inclined to believe this the consequence of their own want of knowledge, on so abstracted a subject, rather than that arguments did not exist, which were forcible enough to conquer his.  I lose time, said he: I came not to exclaim against Montoni; I came to solicit, to plead--to Emily; to tell her all I suffer, to entreat her to save me from despair, and herself from destruction. Emily! the schemes of Montoni are insearchable, but, I warn you, they are terrible; he has no principle, when interest, or ambition leads. Can I love you, and abandon you to his power? Fly, then, fly from this gloomy prison, with a lover, who adores you! I have bribed a servant of the castle to open the gates, and, before tomorrows dawn, you shall be far on the way to Venice.

  He gave no explanations and I asked for none. By long experience Ihad learned the wisdom of obedience. But when I had left his room Iwalked down Baker Street, revolving in my head how on earth I was tocarry out so strange an order. Finally I drove to the London Libraryin St. Jamess Square, put the matter to my friend Lomax, thesublibrarian, and departed to my rooms with a goodly volume under myarm.  Pinocchio gave the jug another look and said neither yes nor no.

  O nymph! who loves to float on the green wave, When Neptune sleeps beneath the moon-light hour, Lulld by the musics melancholy powr, O nymph, arise from out thy pearly cave!  It was last night, sir, somewhere about twelve.


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  Rischenheim unbuttoned his coat, then his waistcoat. The head of a revolver showed in a belt round his waist. He undid the flap of a pocket in the lining of his waistcoat, and he began to draw out a sheet of paper.


  Still, jealousy is a strange transformer of characters. Pray whatis your own theory as to what took place?


  As she turned into the corridor, the door of a chamber opened, from whence Montoni came forth; but Emily, more terrified than ever to behold him, shrunk back into the passage soon enough to escape being noticed, and heard him close the door, which she had perceived was the same she formerly observed. Having here listened to his departing steps, till their faint sound was lost in distance, she ventured to her apartment, and, securing it once again, retired to her bed, leaving the lamp burning on the hearth. But sleep was fled from her harassed mind, to which images of horror alone occurred. She endeavoured to think it possible, that Madame Montoni had not been taken to the turret; but, when she recollected the former menaces of her husband and the terrible spirit of vengeance, which he had displayed on a late occasion; when she remembered his general character, the looks of the men, who had forced Madame Montoni from her apartment, and the written traces on the stairs of the turret-- she could not doubt, that her aunt had been carried thither, and could scarcely hope, that she had not been carried to be murdered.


  Surely enough, a note awaited us at Baker Street. A governmentmessenger had brought it post-haste. Holmes glanced at it and threw itover to me.


  And if I go on studying, what will you do to me?