Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It's December and it is the season of YES!  I tend to say NO a lot during triathlon season (no, I don't want to go see a movie.  No, I don't want to have fun.  No, we are not going to do that. No no no no no).  But I'm tired of being the No girl!  So, starting a few weeks ago I just started saying said Yes.  Yes to my kids endless requests (well, not all of them - I don't think I'll ever agree to ice cream for breakfast).  Yes to my friends.  Yes to party invites.  Yes to lunch.  Yes, yes, yes!

Why am I saying yes?  It's part of my off-season improvement list.  This is the time of year to stop and reflect and make changes if need be.  To enjoy all the things in life that I like that may have taken a back seat the last few months.  It's oftentimes easier to say no than yes.  Sometimes no allows you to stay in your safe place, to not put yourself out there too much, to not take risks.  And there are good times to do that - say in the final 4-6 weeks of Ironman training (plus you are so tired that the couch is really the best place for you).  But not now.  Not during the off-season.

My yes list?  No cookie or glass of wine has been left unattended. I have said yes to parties.  And lots of yes's to lunch.  Yes to strength training.  Yes to yoga even if it is boring sometimes.  Yes to the hot tub.  Yes to running with people I've never run with before.  Yes to dinner with people I just met. Yes to a beer at lunch.  Yes to Starbucks.....over and over and over again.  Yes to new recipes. Yes to a freezer workshop - which led to the scariest one....Yes to becoming a Wildtree Rep (What????).  Yes to more athletes.  Yes to playing games. Yes to baking.  Yes to cleaning my office.  Yes to shopping. Yes yes yes!

I haven't totally ditched "no" though.....no to a schedule, no to a heart rate monitor, no to an Austin race report (it went great and I had a fantastic and proper end to 2012), no to riding the trainer, no to any data.

And you know what I have found during this season of Yes?  I'm having fun!  There were a couple of weeks that I initially struggled with off-season.  Changes needed to be made and I was bummed that had to happen.  I've had an honest discussion with myself about the 2012 season and what worked and what didn't.  About what I really need for next year.  And, what are my plans and goals for next year - what do I want to accomplish?

So I'm still figuring all this out, my race schedule is almost finalized and I'm excited to start training for 2013.  I'm also really excited about my athletes for 2013 with my returning athletes and new ones too - lots of Ironman training is underway.  And, I'm really excited to see if I can make a go of my new side venture with Wildtree.