Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Did Over Winter Break

Happy Spring!!

Yes, I'm doing my end of winter cleaning and realized that my blog is covered in about a foot of dust!!  Ewwww.  So, here I am, dusting this off.  I'll recap the last couple of months with painstaking detail brevity.
Maybe this should be called What I Did NOT Do Over Winter Break........
clearly first on that list is Blog.  I have taken a long break from writing anything down.  Not that there hasn't been anything to write about because, trust me.....there is tons!!  Just not a whole lot of desire to put pen to paper errrr fingers to keyboard.
What else did I NOT do over winter break.....train seriously.  Yeah, I kinda sprained my ankle badly in December as soon as I started working on a "schedule" again.  I was all pumped up and excited and next thing you know I have a big, swollen ankle.  But it was December so I just ate some more cookies, drank some eggnog, had a root canal, and didn't think too much about it.
Or wear a heart rate monitor.  Or weigh myself.  I just decided that was far too much brain damage for my off-season.  Plus, I am so in-tune to my heart rate that I can pretty much predict where I'm at within a +/- 2 beat range.  I'm not sure that's anything to brag about but hey.  It's a weird talent.  And really, what's the point in weighing yourself when your main source of calories are Christmas cookies and M&M's.  I know where the scale is headed.
Clean my closet.  Yep. Didn't do that either.  BUT I do know that there are 2 wetsuits in there that I don't need anymore!!  So, if you are looking for a lovingly and gently peed in wetsuit that's in really good condition, let me know!

OK, here's what I did do....
Start a new business!!!  I kind of alluded to that in my last post way back when in December.  But I am loving it!  Wildtree has been such a fun way for me to use my brain differently outside of the usual swimbikerun.  What's been happening in the kitchen is just a lot of yummy cooking that is far too easy to prepare for how good it tastes.  It is direct sales which is kind of, well, really different for me because I would consider myself about the farthest from a "salesperson" as you could get.  But hey, this is food, and I can talk about food  Seriously.  Love food.  So it seems like it is a pretty good fit!!  By the way, if you've heard me talking about Wildtree and are curious to try, let me know....I'm having a "free shipping" deal-io through Sunday so kind of a fun way to try it!
Skiied with the friends and family.  OK, so January snow sucked.  And yes, the snow was so bad at one point I decided to swim and run at 9k elevation rather than ski.  I nearly died in the pool at the 400y mark in warm-up - thought for sure I was having a heart attack and that I was going to have to be rescued in the shallow end but remembered that there is NO AIR at 9k elevation.  My run pace added 1:30 for the same heart rate.  Let's just say it was a fast walk.

Even though I am somewhat of a cold wimp I did actually ski this day!!! It's true, I wear a down jacket and a regular jacket over it and I resemble the Michelin man and I really don't know how I manage to put any turns together but I did it!  

This wasn't the cold day but a shot of my most favorite run ever....anyone know what it is???

Without a doubt the best way to warm up is with bloody mary's and friends!

New Athletes!  Yep, I am so excited about my 2013 crew!! Most of them are training for their first or second Ironman.  Love, love, love having the opportunity to work with these cool cats.  The season is starting to get closer and it's time to get excited.  Plus, for my local athletes the weather is getting a bit nicer and we can put those trainers back in the closet. Almost.  Cuz it's going to snow again.  tomorrow.  Anyway.
Work on Strength.....I figured the winter was a good time to really get strong and work on my imbalances that I think hindered me last season.  So I've been getting my ass kicked on a regular basis in the gym.  But, I can now do like 5 pull-ups on my own and I am really noticing my core strength while running.

Coach Change.  Yep.  I decided to not work with last years coach.  In taking a big, honest look at last season, there may have been waaaaayyyyy too much intensity in running far too early in the season for me.  Especially after having NOT done any intensity for a long time before that.  But hey, I got some great early season results and qualified for Kona.  BUT I ended up with a stress fracture which was a bummer beyond bummers.  Painful lesson learned.  On a good note, my foot feels great!!  I have some "ghost" pain every now and then but I've read that just kind of happens after healing.
Race Schedule. Well, there is still a lot in flux with the schedule but I have a basic idea of what I'm doing.  Maybe.  I'll start in St. George with a little 70.3, then head to Hawaii in June.  Yeah, there's a little 70.3 there and a really good excuse to go to Hawaii!! I am signed up for Vegas Worlds after qualifying back in Austin (Yee-Haw).  Ironman boulder is in there and a full in November.  After the stress fracture last year, I am just going to take things one race at a time.  In fact, I am just taking training one day at a time.  And so far things are going great!  My fitness is coming along slowly but surely and I just started a little bit of speed training with my run - I have actually missed it.
Get Busier!  Hmmmm, a new business, coaching, mom-ing my girls who now have activities 4 of 5 week nights, and some training. Yep, no time to blog.
Cook.  Even being busier this year, I am managing to cook up some awesome meals thanks to Wildtree (see above new business thing-y).  They are easy and tasty and I kind of feel like SuperMom in the kitchen:)
Root Canal.  Really not worth mentioning again but I guess I did anyway.  Avoid this at all costs kids.
House of Cards.  Anyone else watching and Loving this series???

Have to include a picture of my new BIKE!!!!  I am a LUCKY girl to have Quintana Roo and Kompetitive Edge as sponsors.  Plus Ryan looks great holding it up:)


Jennifer Harrison said...

YAY! Glad you blogged, Michelle.
Hope this year is good and injury -free! AND you rock the new AG! :)

Anonymous said...

Look at those muscles!! So impressed! Sounds like you are off to a great (if busy) 2013. Excited to see what the year holds for you!

Donna said...

Ooo pull up envy!

I love reading your updates and was happy to see a new post pop up in my reader! Good luck with 2013, one race at a time!

GoBigGreen said...

I always look forward to your blogs bc they are so, well, normal? :) for lack of a better term. Not that you arent super human but you get my point. Glad things are going in the right direction and FYI i am loving my WT products!

Veronica B. said...

Wow, those are some HOT MUSCLES girl. DAMN. (I still covet your Kona abs.

And I feel you on the blog, Mine is WAY dusty. I figure no one wants to read the "I'm fat, slow, and sick of the trainer and treadmill" entries that would entail early season blogging anyway. *G*.

Megan L. Killian said...

I LOVED House of Cards. Also, taking the season one race at a time = fun. What full are you doing?