Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boulder 70.3 Recap

Holy Moly - I DO have a blog!!!  Dang, I have spent all year neglecting this sucker:)!!  Oops!!  Well, I have yet another race report.  And it was my goal to put up a post in July that was un-race-related.....I figure a post a month is a decent goal right? Yep.  Couldn't quite find the time to sit quietly at my computer and purge some thoughts out of my brain.  So it's August!!  And I raced (or rather I tried to race) again!!

Before I head to the race report, let me report on this first.  It is AUGUST.  And I'm healthy (well, body at least)!  The last 3 years I have had some sort of injury come about during July.  And I would be lying if I said I didn't think about that all month long.  Any twitch, ache, pain, sniffle, sneeze, strange body noises, I figured, that's it.  Here comes the injury.  But no!!!  Nothing!!!  No stress fracture, no shingles, no weird abdominal pain, not even plantar fasciatis.  Can you believe it???  I can't!!  But, then again, that was my number 1 goal this year.  Get through it without any major injuries.  So far so good!!!

Boulder 70.3 - I'll make this one quick.  Last time I raced this was 2 years ago as I was recovering from shingles.  I had a decent race but then again I was all hopped up on steroids to treat the shingles.  Regardless, I had a problem with my stomach that day and ran out of gas on the run.  But I did run but ended up 3rd (I think).  It was a great race in that I was well enough to race!!  Shingles really suck and after that awful experience, a life-affirming race was just what I needed.

Last year I was supposed to race.  But, a wonderful stress fracture in my foot made that one impossible.  So I hobbled around the Rez cheering on my athletes, teamies and friends.  It was a bit hard doing that but I sucked it up (buttercup) and went and put myself and my boot out there.

This year, I had no idea what my race schedule would end up looking like so I just signed up in the event that I may be able to race.  And after Honu, I figured I'd give it a shot and see if I could get 6 weeks of decent training under my belt.  The training went fairly well although I was having a common theme of under-calorie-ing.  But I was determined for Boulder.  I wrote out my nutrition plan and had packed my bento box and run belt accordingly.  Trust me, I knew exactly what I needed to take.

Of course, race morning comes around and my tummy is a little upset.  Sometimes this happens but usually it settles down by the time the race starts.  Not today.  As I was waiting in that incredibly long line to park at the Rez, I felt just a little bit pukey.  Argh.  And the line threw me off my normal pre-race routine.  Not enough time for a couple port-a-potty stops.  

But I got my wetsuit on and prepared for the swim.  they did that funky self-seeded swim start which I was kind of cool with.  It meant I was with the first wave and I thought maybe I'd find some feet to swim with.  (I forgot how murky the Rez is and finding feet until you are right on top of them is what usually happens) Well, the pros went off and a few minutes later we went.

The swim start was different for me because although I started fast, I still had people with me at the first buoy.  And there was lots of traffic up to the first turn.  But after that, I found clear (murky) water and swimmers to the left and right of me to pace and steer off of.  It was great!!  I was even passing people the last 1/2 of the swim.

Onto the bike, I had no idea what my legs would bring me this day.  And honestly, starting out, I thought it was going to be a looooooong ride.  Athletes were passing me like I was standing still!!  My heart rate was waaaaayyyy too high and my power for that HR was not good.  So I just thought about settling down into my groove.  The HR came down 10 beats and the power went up - YAY!  I went to grab a snack out of my bento box and it came unfastened and I almost dropped it.  Darn.  Had to stop for maybe a minute to fix it.  But see - I was thinking about my nutrition.  I knew I had to start getting those calories down.  Tummy was OK with putting food in.  I was burpy and it was sloshy and I just hoped it would also settle down.  I also started passing people and that was good too.  I felt somewhat strong - YAY!

About 20 miles in, I found a friend (not) whom I will call Douche Bag DB.  You know the guy.....hates to be "chicked".  So he passes me back and then sits up.  Grrrrrr.  So after the appropriate amount of time (legal passing people) I passed him back. Not a minute later there he goes again.  And sits up and stops pedaling.  Really DB?  That's how we're playing this??  But on the right turn at about the halfway point, he dorked out and skidded out and hit the pavement.  Of course, this is a busy intersection and although I gave him plenty of room there was a car and a volunteer and dirt and I thought for sure I was going down too.  Thankfully, I managed to save that one and took off.  Never saw DB again.

Pretty uneventful remainder of ride except for the last 5 miles.  I was tired of my tummy.  And now I was worried about the run.  It should have settled by now and though I was conscious of putting calories down every 15 minutes.  I knew it wasn't enough.  F*%k.  So I sat up a bit and tried to figure out what I should do.  I cut all liquid/calories hoping that would do the trick.  But as I pulled into T2, I was pretty discouraged.

So, onto the run I go......just hoping really.  But my heart rate was high and I felt awful.  So I slowed down.  And then I walked up the first hill.  Then I hit the port-a-potty.  Then I thought I would puke.  In fact, I wanted to puke - since that might have helped my situation.  But no, no puking today.  And that is how the first lap went.  I tried coke.  It was too fizzy.  I tried the chews in my race bag.  Blecchh.  And at the end of the first lap I saw teamie Katy and called her over for a conference.  I was seriously considering a DNF I was so miserable.  We talked it out and I just decided.  Ah,,, what the heck.  Lap 2 couldn't possibly be as bad as lap 1 right?  Right!!!  It wasn't as bad!!  My tummy finally allowed coke and some calories.  So I was able to run a bit more.  Not much more but a bit.  I just decided that I wasn't going to be hard on myself.  I'm not gonna cry.  I'm not gonna sulk around.  Not sure what I could have done to have a different outcome but I'll keep trying.  So I smiled and talked to people and thanked the volunteers.  And about 2 hours after I started my "run" I finally crossed the finish line.

And I still made the podium - 4th I think.  Maybe 5th.  But they gave me the 4th place award:)

So there ya have it!!

What's up next???  How about a little SPRINT???  At Cherry Creek Rez!  Who has signed up for the Athleta Iron Girl Tri?  You should!  I'll be there trying not to blink (I don't want to miss the sprint).  But I think this will be FUN!  Come and join me!!  I believe there are still some spots left in the event.  It's Saturday, August 24th I think!  When was the last time I did a sprint?  Not sure so this will be entertaining!!  Maybe I can even nail my nutrition for the one:)