Saturday, July 26, 2014


Where do I even begin……so much has happened over the last year and so much of it I just chose not to talk or write about.  I went rogue. Undercover. But it isn’t hard to figure out.  So let’s just talk about the elephant in the room and get that one out of the way.  Yes, my name has changed.  Yes, it is my maiden name.  Yes, divorce.  But to answer the inevitable next question – are you OK?  Is this a good thing?  YES.  I am fantastic and yes, this was a very good decision!  I am in an amazing place right now for so many reasons.  Let’s face it, divorce sucks ass.  And you certainly don't get married thinking you'll eventually divorce. But, I was looking for a better place for me, a happier place and that was not going to happen in my marriage. 

So I guess I’m ready to open up again.  (well I’m an introvert so don’t expect too much) But the last year plus has been cathartic.  It’s been a journey. I have learned tons about myself and the people aroiund me. It’s been incredibly difficult.  It has also been incredibly great. 

The top 10 list of biggest life stressors includes divorce, personal injury and moving.  And that has all happened over the last year for me.  2013 was my year of change (and it’s really no surprise that my ACL tear happened on December 30).  2014?  It’s the year of rebuilding.  Of growth.  Of change. Of being better.  Of healing and moving on.  Of recovering.

And so here I am.  On a flight to Geneva that I really didn’t think I would be on several months ago.  My knee is doing great and I’m off to ride the Alps with my sis and dad.  Then meet mom in Paris for a few days.  Yes, feeling blessed is one way to look at it.  Feeling lucky that I am able to do this right now?  Yes.  Feeling light-hearted and happy and healthy?  Yes.  2014 has been awesome so far.  And I know it will only get better.

So that’s it for now.  A challenge has been laid out for me (and we all know how I do with challenges…..).  Write everyday while on my bike adventure in the Alps.  I’ll post pictures and write about the riding.  The scenery.  The baguettes and camembert. 

And who knows, maybe I’ll even start posting regularly on my return:)  Baby steps…..


Lori Plouff said...

AND in 2014 you helped a lifelong friend complete a half marathon. Someone who is NOT a runner and loves the Nike phrase, RUNNING SUCKS. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I RAN THE WHOLE way thanks to your encouragement and workouts. You are an inspiration to women and health. I LOVE YOU MICHELLE YOST!!


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