Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Platte River 1/2 Marathon Report

Well, not really a race report...  For those of you following along, I am now 0 for 4 for this event.  If I mention signing up for this again, please stop me!!!  I mean, I am happy to support the Platte 1/2.  Really, I am.  And it's a great long sleeve t-shirt.  But I just think the universe is telling me that this is not my race.  Not my run.  Not ever.  

Year 1 was to be my first 1/2 marathon ever!!!!  I was so excited and so nervous and so ready.  But, in the now infamous bunny cake incident, I got salmonella poisoning the night before, spiked a fever of 102, and spent lots of time running to the bathroom.  If you're curious, Easter was the next weekend and I bought this fabulous bunny cake mold from Williams Sonoma.  I tested it out on Friday before the race making carrot cake.  But I licked the batter that had like 4 raw eggs in it.  Oops.

The next time I signed up I was so excited and so nervous and so ready.  My run training was going great and I felt like I could run fairly fast.  But I fell off my bike the day before the 1/2 in the now infamous "never take your hand off the handlebars to wave at anyone. Ever." Pretty good road rash and very sore and no running the next day.  Grrrrrr. If you're curious about that incident, I was out for an easy spin with PIC, waved at someone who had waved at us, hit a bump in the road and went splat.

So I decided that third time is a charm right???  Wrong.  Scheduling conflict with a half Ironman the weekend after.  And yes, I was very excited and nervous and ready.  

I know you are asking yourselves right now - you are clearly cursed with this race why on earth would you sign up for round 4????  Because there was no way I could go 0 for 4 with this race right????  My run training was going well and mileage was about where it needed to be.  But then I caught the plague a couple of weeks ago and missed an entire week of training.  Tough to train when you are coughing your lungs out.  And the plague hung on for a little bit so the following week training wasn't that great.  So I decided this would be an "easy" training race.  No time goals just work on pacing blah blah blah.  Until my calf acted up and made running painful a week ago.  No go for #4.

And there you have it.  But I did have a spectacular time spectating the race and cheering people on.  One of my athletes did his first half very successfully and Randy pretty much crushed it for his first half in a very long time.  

On another note, I am expecting!!!  

A shiny new QR PRSix will be arriving anytime and I simply cannot wait to see how fast me and that bad boy or girl can go:)!!