Thursday, October 15, 2015

Where in the World…..

Did I go?  Some of you know, some not.  I even tried to ignore it for awhile.  This is the 800th blog post I've attempted to write.  We'll see if I hit publish:)

OK, long story condensed:  I fell off my bike.  On a trail.  No cell phone coverage.  Quiet day on the trail since it was a Friday afternoon.  I knew instantly I had broken my wrist (no idea of how badly).  And something hurt in my other hand.  And I was at least a mile from any sort of help.  Did I mention I was riding alone?  After I dragged my sorry ass and bike off the trail (and thank you so much for the 3 guys who finally came up and helped me), help came and got me off the mountain.  I turned down the ambulance ride (silly me) and waited for my parents to take me to the ER.

See I already want to stop writing this because truth be told I'm a bit damaged emotionally.  I mean, really.  I was out doing what I love to do.  And I've always done this alone!!  It is my "me" time.  My time to reconnect with nature, the capabilities of my body, enjoy the state I live in.  But, I was riding a different bike and wasn't quite where I thought I was as far as what i could handle.  And I messed myself up.
My surgeon said my bone was in an entirely different zip code

At the ER, the XRays showed that I basically shattered my wrist.  As in destroyed the MoFo.  Like so bad the radiologist was apologizing to my dad (a semi-retired radiologist).  I now know that morphine doesn't take away the pain - it just makes you OK with it!  And, I also completely understand the 1-10 pain scale.  Trust me, you know when you've hit 10.  My mom was listening (hate that ) to what was going on in my room and she later told me I hit 12.

Anywho, the bad news was I had to go back to the ER several hours later.  Good news is that I met my badass hand surgeon, total rockstar in the wrist/hand fixing world.  Thank goodness I met him!!  I'll spare you the gory details (trust me on this) but basically he was able to reset my wrist for the second time and avoid an emergency surgery.  (drug count to this point:  morphine, percocet, delotted)

Oh, and did I mention that little pain in my other hand was in fact a fracture of the 3rd metacarpal in my right hand?  The blow up wrist was my left hand.  And I'm left handed.  F**k.  That's right…..basic hygiene was now in question.  BUT I could wipe.  Yes, I know that's the question that first came to mind:)  Shower on my own.  No.  Brush my teeth….barely.  Wash my face?  No.  Ponytail?  No way. Feed myself?  Yes.  But it wasn't pretty.  Open the fridge?  No.  Open a medicine bottle?  No.  Fill a water bottle?  No. Drive?  Hahaha. No.  House clean?  No.

Now is the appropriate time to announce to the universe that my parents are the best parents in the world.  Hands down.  They picked me up from the accident, and took care of me daily for the next several (6) weeks.  Took me to every doctor appointment.  Grocery shopping.  Fed me.  Kept me company during the dark days (and there were several).  Shuttled my kiddos to and from their activities.  There is really no way to thank them enough for getting me through this ordeal!!!  Except to know that I would do the exact same thing for my children:)  

And now is the appropriate time to thank my wonderful circle of friends.  Lesa - you rock, I love you:)  Lisa - you rock, I love you:)  Steph, Laura, Anita, Wilma, Laurie, Nicole - you all rock and I love you!!!!  Dinners for my family, picking up my girls, cleaning my house, taking me out of my house…...Your generosity still makes me weepy!!!  (if I forgot anyone, please remember that I was all messed up on percs:)

Surgery followed 5 days after the accident.  And I cried when he told me I might never get full function back in the wrist with the severity of the fracture.  But he did assure me I would ride my bike again.  And swim again.  He also awarded me with "Wrist Fracture of the Year" even though it was only April.  Still waiting for my medal……

Are we kidding with the color of this gown?

A 2 hour surgery later and I had an "ex-fix" on my wrist with 4 pins coming straight out of my arm.  It looked pretty wild.  And then the waiting started……since I really couldn't do anything except sit around and watch TV.  I couldn't even walk outside for fear of clumsy me taking a tumble.  I was unable to take care of my kids for a couple of weeks which was completely horrible especially since their dad was unable to bring them by for any visit time.  Except once.  For 15 minutes.

So what did I do?  I slept.  10-12 hours a night and an hour nap during the day.  I wasn't on pain meds any longer but my body needed the sleep.  And then I decided to start watching the entire Game of Thrones series.  As soon as I was about to lose my mind able to, I started going for walks.  And I started my own stretching/mobility routine that I could do without hands.

The "ex-fix" came off on May 22nd and that's when I started PT.  That day, my basic functionality was 20%…..meaning I was only able to do 20% of basic life functions.  A long way to go for my recovery.

The pins that were in my wrist and the bar on the outside that held it all together.  Those came out without anesthesia.  Weird!

Getting closer to freedom

Not gonna lie, writing this has been tough.  But I am much much farther down the line on my recovery.  So I can look back and wonder how the hell I got through that.  And thank everyone who helped me do so:)

Yes, I'm so far behind in writing - but this is the first step right???  The story will continue to be told…...


Veronica B. said...

I remember wondering where the hell you were (virtually speaking) a while back, stalking your Twitter, and finding out about this. Glad you're feeling in a place where you can write about about what happened. Heart and courage, girl!

GoBigGreen said...

RECOVERY SISTER!!! OK I am happy to say i can 100% support you from a far in this one, and i can't be your recovery buddy ( luckily) but i am so so so sorry about this. WTH? BREATHE. Things have to calm down for you and they will.
In the mean time you are surrounded by such angels and will come back from this, maybe a bit skittish but its ok, we all have been there and I know you will be ok.
Hang in there and lots of MN hugs. Now stay off the ice and snow when it comes, thats an order!

Unknown said...

Knowing how active you are, I can't even begin to imagine how you mentally coped with the down time and not being able to even take care of yourself. You are very strong. Although, having taken on the Game of Thrones thing myself this year during forced down time, I found a new kind of emotional rage that involved yelling profanity at TV characters and throwing things at the screen (when I wasn't lying there in shock at the events that unfolded on that same screen). If you survived THAT without the use of your throwing hand, you can survive anything. Cheers girl!!!!

Podium quest said...

Wow that's. That's intense! Glad you weren't hurt mite seriously, although that's a pretty severe injury without a doubt. Are you able to train again yet? Update please!

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